Now France Knows About Namibia's SEAL CLUBBING

Subject: Now France Knows About Namibia's SEAL CLUBBING
Date: May 4, 2008

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,

French TV Program "View from the Sky"

      I trust you all are well and in good health.
      The 6 babies, which I call my six-pack, are doing well. Unfortunately, due to severe convulsions one of the babies named JM has become blind, I am hoping that somehow she will regain her sight. If not, she will need life-time care and I plan to rig a harness around her when she is older to take her safely swimming with me in the seas. JT, the female seal pup from last year, refuses to go back into the wild, and has instead adopted the "6-pack" as her babies. It is the most amazing thing, coming into the centre each morning, to be greeted by this little seal colony, fast asleep, all onto top of each other and how they interact and follow their adopted "mommy JT".
      A few months ago internationally famous wildlife photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand did some filming with me
 interview with Yann Arthus Bertrand was broadcasted on France 2 channel last Wednesday. Since then, the Seal Alert has had over 3000 people logging in per day.
If you get a chance please have a look at the guestbook comments on the Seal Alert site .
You can download the video with this link (high quality):,
this link was kindly sent to me by
This program featured my work in Hout Bay and the seal clubbing in Namibia, amazing footage.
Have a look, its well worth it. Namibia should be ashamed now the whole of France is aware.

      This past week, we have been filming for another TV program this time for UK Channel 4 to be shown during prime-time soon. It has some great underwater interactions with the seals and even a few seal disentanglements caught on film (more on this later).
      Nikki Botha has done an amazing job of threatening the Minister of Environment with legal action, as such we have a meeting on the 12th. I have prepared a 100 slide, power-point to show just how bad conditions are on the 1% of the offshore islands that seals are left on ( I will put this presentation on the Seal Alert site soon to download), we will also push for plastic strapping used in the tuna fishing industry, which entangles and mutilates thousands of seals each year, to be banned, as well as guns in fishing. So wish us luck, this is the big one to get seals back on islands.
      On youtube I have released two new clips, one of the seal clubbing in Namibia, as it actually happens ( and the other, a short face-to-face clip of my meeting with the Namibian Prime Minister (
      Funding issues. It is not easy protecting over a million seals in two countries and trying to physically save them as well. Each seal I rescue costs money, each baby seal alone requires 12 months of rehab at a cost of about R10 000 each. The costs of seal rescue are massive and fish costs just keep going up and up, as fish stocks decline. It is most difficult trying to fund this alone. As my funds are almost depleted once again, I have resorted to manufacturing baby fake fur seal toys to sell to the tourists in a further attempt to help raise funds to purchase fish to rescue and disentangle seals. This also increases my work-load. As well, without going into a long story, if possible it is hoped to acquire a larger boat for seal rescue and the long term treatment of baby seals at sea. A catamaran boat over 36 ft costs over one million rand, I have found a boat for 190 000 rand or $23 000. It could be ideal, if sufficient funds are forth coming, and it still needs some work. (see pic below)

     I really need a more stable platform to work from and to do the baby seal rehab more effectively, including disentanglement of seals. In essence I need to spend more time with the seals. My plan as well, in the future, is to film everything (creates massive awareness) and to take the boat with seals out to the offshore islands, and maybe even up to Namibia.
     So if, less than 300 of us put in $100 each, we could acquire this boat as a beginning. If you can help either towards the purchase of this boat or my daily fish costs which exceed R400 a day, please help.


     My banking details below.
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