It's Time to Save Seals, from Cry-Baby Sealers
April 5, 2008
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Seal Alert-SA South Africa

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters, and those of Harp Seals,

Canadian Sealer sobs as he thinks about the death of his 4 sealing buddies
It's Time to Save Seals, from 'Cry-Baby' Sealers

          A Canadian delegation to the EU appeals for mercy not to impose Seal Import bans.
          One posted message expressed hope that seals would eat the body of the missing man.
          Sealer Longuepee said he played hockey, took boat trips and shared bottles of red wine with the men lost at sea. They're all my friends. Tomorrow (Saturday) they're going to be under the ground. It's crazy. Can you imagine how the family feels when they see these comments.
          Can you imagine how we feel watching you club 600 000 baby seals to death or how the seal families feel?
          Paul Watson receives the following message, "
I am a well educated man from Newfoundland currently living in Atlantic Canada and I support the seal hunt, I support the seal fur trade!! There is no greater pleasure than clubbing a baby seal and feeling that skull collapsing and watching them trying to crawl away and then smacking the little shits again. It ideally should be accomplished in one blow but sometimes it takes two or even three!! Hey all the little bastards do is eat fish and defecate so we are getting rid of animals that do more to destroy ecosystems of fish than are actually contributing to more stable ecosystems. Besides seal meat tastes great and the fur is warm. Baby seal meat is exceptionally good!!".
          Is this statement not true for the over 6 billion of man-kind?
          Double standards.
          Sustainable use wildlife conservation organizations support the slaughtering of clubbing, stabbing, shooting and kicking in the skulls of 600 000 baby seals annually worldwide, and then mounted the largest rescue operations in environmental history to re-locate 20 000 oiled penguins, whilst governments contributes millions to the rescue fund.
          Whilst doing nothing to save a million seals starving to death.
           Double standards.
           Its time we see the need to save seals, not from the effects of mankind's oil-pollution or global warming, but mankind's overfishing and sealing clubs.
           Its time to stop taking pictures of sealers killing seals.
           Its time to mount the largest environmental rescue operation in history. The relocation of over a million weaned seal pups to safer ice floes or as many as possible.
           Seal Alert-SA has been do so for years, rescuing baby Cape fur seals and weaned pups fleeing sealers, and re-colonizing them into new and safe offshore colonies.
           Is it possible?, Russian sealers regularly transport tens of thousands of harp seal pups from ice floes to seal farms. As HSUS's photographer Nigel Barker stated two weeks before the 2008 seal hunt, "He stood next to them, photographed them inches from their faces, and they stared up inquisitively with doey eyes and flaring nostrils.  "The only humans they're seeing are us [here now]...and they come right up to you...the word 'hunt' is a farse.  They don't run away".

Seals taken from ice floes and re-located to Russian Seal Farms

           A record number of over 60 organizations and media companies have applied for observation permits to monitor and film the seal hunt. Its time to put these resources into good use. Seashepherd already has 137-ft ship in the area, instead of retiring for a week at the Island of St Pierre to off-load video footage, only to be chased away by sealers, surely Seashepherd could have used the time to "seashepherd these seal pups to safer areas"? HSUS and IFAW both have easy access to helicopters and large groups of volunteers. Russian sealers collect and remove tens of thousands of white-coat seal pups in exactly the same way and move them into pens for slaughter.
           Could international seal saving organizations not do the same. Would such rescue not send a very clear message to the EU, at this most critical of times.
           Canada banned large sealing boats over 65-ft in 1984, surely it would be relatively simple as most seal pups are already beyond Canada's 12-mile territorial range, to re-locate these seal pups beyond the range of small sealing boats and sealers.
           The Seal hunt has stopped for the week, to give the sealers time to mourn the four dead.
           The time is now ! To go in and rescue the seal pups and move them away from the reach of the sealers, to safer waters and ice floes.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
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