Namibia - EU Has Decided to Ban Seal Product Imports
Date: April 14, 2008
From: Seal Alert-SA South Africa

Seal Alert-SA, Media Release, 14 April 2008

Namibia - EU Has Decided to Ban Seal Product Imports

Namibian seals herded in the background, to await clubbing of 85 000 baby seal pups

     The EU's environment chief Stavros Dimas will propose to ban imports of all seal products resulting from culls where animals suffer. The ban would apply to all seal products including furs, skins and health products including vitamins. Canada, Greenland and Namibia accounted for approximately 60% of all seals killed in 2006, the according to the EFSA report.
     Namibia's seal cull of 85 000 Appendix II, UN Convention in Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) is the second largest, most cruelest and is the only sealing country still slaughtering nursing baby seal pups.
     A practice out-lawed around the world, even by sealing countries.
     Baby Cape fur seal skins were first exported to the United States, until the US introduced specific legislation banning these imports in 1972, due to the inhumanness of this slaughter. Namibian sealers then moved exports to EU. Where since Namibian independence in 1990, has grown over 700%, from 9000 culled seal pups to 85 000, whilst the seal population has declined by more than half.
     I am extremely pleased, writes Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA, that this 27-nation EU Seal Ban will be joining the '72 US Seal Ban. It will be the
death blow for Namibia's two-man sealing industry, and their part-time unskilled 120 seal clubbers.
     Its time these cardboard shack dwelling 'Seal Clubbers' rather protect seals than slaughter them, and secure deceit jobs in the growing seal eco-tourism industry that can afford them proper housing, and I challenge government to make these opportunities available to them.
     It has taken Seal Alert-SA just under two years to bring about a full EU Seal Product Import ban for the Cape fur seals.
     The question is will the Namibian Prime Minister publicly announce an end officially to the 'Last Baby Seal Cull' on earth? 
     I trust Namibia will respond positively before the start of the 2008 sealing season in July, as already tourists are reporting the mass death of numerous baby seals washing onto the beaches, the alternative would be for Seal Alert-SA to intensify its European Tourism to Namibia boycott.
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