Francois Hugo tries to persuade Prime Minister of Namibia to stop clubbing 85 000 baby seals annually

Seal Alert-SA its first Seal-Man Cam Titled "Talking French Kissing Wild Seal"

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Its a glimpse into an endangered United Nations Listed CITES (Convention In Trade of Endangered Species) Appendix II Cape fur baby seal pup rescued, named Popeye, and now living free in the wild. The only species on seal breeding on the African continent.
      The concept behind this series to be
released weekly, will take you into the world of Cape fur seals, as never before seen or experienced.
      Each July, Namibian government permits 120 unskilled sealers to go into two large mainland seal colonies, drive herds of baby seals with their mothers, (like Popeye in the clip above), who are still suckling on their mother, away from the safety of the sea. Where held in terrified groups, sealers begin clubbing their way through their quota of 85 000 baby (non-fish eating) seals, for the next 139 days.
      70% of the Cape fur seals were forced into Namibian territory over the past few decades. Latest population figures record 120 000 pups (2007). 62% of these pups die from starvation, jackal predation and abandonment, before sealing season starts. This leaves 45 000 seal pups to kill. The government awards 2 sealing concessionaires the right to club 85 000 seal pups. Almost twice as many as there are left alive.
      If you enjoyed this video-cam clip, help me save these seals by forward this email to family and friends and boycott everything related to Namibia, until they stop killing seals.

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Seal-Man Cam 2, Titled "Why We Should Never Kill Them",

     For over a hundred years, South African government has had a policy which bans this endangered species of seal, the only species of seal breeding on the African continent, from breeding in 99% its native offshore islands. The result of which, seals are restricted to breeding on inappropriate small offshore rocks or fleeing north into Namibia where physically culled. During pupping time in December, high gale force winds prevail, turning seas that sweep over these rocks into living nightmares, for these new-born baby seals which cannot swim for the first six weeks.
     In reality, this restricted habitat, causes a genocidal cull to be forced upon these baby seals each year. And as these nine offshore seal colonies have collectively declined, over a million baby seals have drowned, statistically ignored over the past 30 years, or been consumed by white sharks patrolling their colonies. 
     A tiny few do get saved, with Seal Alert-SA the only organization actively doing so. I believe that during their long and costly rehabilitation over the next 12 months, the only way to ensure these baby seals become self surviving seals, is to raise them in the wild, in as natural an environment as humanly possible.
     These naturally culled victims, must be added to the 85 000 seal pups commercially slaughtered in Namibia, annually, and the tens of thousands illegally slaughtered by thousands of fishermen.
     As this clip shows, we should never kill them, instead protect them for all they are worth.

       If you enjoyed this video-cam clip, help me save these seals by forwarding this email to family and friends and urge the South African government to allow seals to return to their native islands, and boycott everything related to Namibia, until they stop killing seals.

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Seal Alert-SA, Box 221, PostNet, Hout Bay, South Africa, 7806.

For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
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Thanks to you, Seal-Man Cam 2, reached after day one on youtube,
#14 - Top Favorites (Today) - Pets & Animals. After 2 days, 721 people viewed the clip, we need to reach a much greater sector of the international public. I believe that all the campaigning and legislation in the world, will not save them. I believe if you see them as I do daily, this will save them, so please forward this email to all in your address book.

Seal-Man Cam 3, titled
"Baby Seal Makes A Dummy", 
is an inside look into how important it is for these baby seals to bond with their adopted parent, and how life long these bonds become.
Seal-Man Cam 4, titled "South Africa's Oldest Seal Colony",  
a single morning's look at a seal colony, protected on paper, but not in reality, where fear, starvation, terror and death is common place for these seals. This is why we need to all protect them, and if we cant, then physically save them.

Seal-Man Cam 5, titled
"SEAL-TALK WITH PRIME MINISTER OF NAMIBIA" : Francois Hugo tries to persuade Prime Minister of Namibia to stop clubbing 85 000 baby seals

Seal-Man Cam 6, titled "Namibia's Annual Baby Seal Cull" : youtube watch
Banning seals from islands to mainland. Rounding up, herding and then clubbing to death 85 000 baby seals annually

Seal.Man Cam 7, titled Feeding "drowned" Baby Seal Pups : youtube watch
Saving Cape fur seals email

Beyond the human barrier : youtube watch