Seal Alert-SA the next decade, Good and Evil, Light and Dark !

Subject: Seal Alert-SA the next decade, Good and Evil, Light and Dark !
Date: March 21, 2008

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,

Good and Evil, Light and Dark

       As I see it. The centre of our existence is our evolution around the sun. In this continual spinning, will come light and dark on the planet. Early civilizations portrayed these natural daily cycles with mystical figures of good and evil. Good being the sun, with all its life giving qualities and evil, being the darkness as the sun set.
       This is as clear as it gets.
       Over the past decade, I have chosen to become more seal than man. It has always profoundly disturbed me, why some individuals, organizations and governments support the dark side, the evil side, onto Cape fur seals, in this particular instance. Where does it come from, and how does one challenge it?
       Personally, I cannot wait to go down to the seals each morning, as just being around them fills my life with such joy and goodness, watching them be them.
       If two concessionaires (sealers) with rights granted by government where to go in sealers residential dwellings and club and stab their infants, due to the over-population of this town or the future impact this off-spring would have on the economy or that it creates clubbing jobs, as its motive. We would be mad for allowing it. So, why does the government not only allow, support but defend, such evil practices on seals?
       The only plausible answer, the Dark side.
       It is correct for evil to flourish, good men and women need to do nothing. But, what is the solution? A Namibian sealer once remarked, the moment these Seal Anti-hunt groups start going off in the media, his phone does not stop ringing with new orders. It's true. After four decades of Anti-Seal hunt protests, the quotas have doubled and the multi-million dollar international Anti-Seal hunt ngo's, have resorted to media-rising this evil.
       I do not see this as a solution. Nor, do I wish to be part of raising funds off dying seal's plight. It is as exploitative as the sealers themselves.
      One of the most viewed clips on youtube, is that titled the Battle Of Kruger, the attempted predation of lions on a buffalo calf. Within a year, 68 million people had viewed this 8 minute videoclip. Another of a Panda cub sneezing which frightened its mother, although only a minute, drew 7 million viewers.
      Perhaps therefore the way to fight evil. Is to simple ignore it. Perhaps this explains why we still work in the day and sleep away the night.
      It is Seal Alert-SA's intention to focus on the light, the good, the warmth of the sun. Just like, after the sun sets, darkness comes. I will accept that evil comes, but I will not lay down or do nothing. Instead, over the coming weeks, I will be moving my centre of rescue and rehabilitation of seals back to the two floating rafts and catamaran. Seals must at all times be free. Which will have a sheltered cave for the baby seals from the elements, an on-board splash poll, shared by the rest of the Seal Alert-SA's 25-50 seal colony.
      Each aspect of my work with these seals will be video-taped 24-7, every day of the year. Rain, storms and in sunshine. With 4, 24-hour CCTV security camera's, underwater camera, head-cam, night-vision camera and hand-held live action camera. During the course of each week, I will edit into a short video-clip the most amazing images you will ever see, weekly released on youtube in 1 - 6 minute short video clips, for you to share and enjoy. This will be an experience, never before seen. An amazing look into the life of Seals, during rehab, during rescue, at sea, underwater and on the open ocean.
      I know you will be hooked, and eagerly await the next week's release.
      But, for evil not to flourish, good people such as yourselves need to do something as well. Firstly, in the case of Namibia and its slaughter of seals. Do nothing, ignore Namibia completely. Do not go there, or buy anything Namibian's and use every opportunity to denounce this country. After all my high-level meetings presenting the various facts and reasons to end sealing, with government, Prime Minister's, Minister's and scientists and various articles in the media, the thing that really upset these evil doers, the most, is the website. An instrument so simple, government even tried to have it internationally removed.
      Clearly evil hates being ignored.
      Secondly, I ask if you can do two further pro-active things. 1. Do not bother to send me emails, its time consuming and rather spend the time enjoying life and the great outdoors. 2. Watch the weekly short youtube video clips, share it amongst friends and family, and if you find it truly sensational, pop some cash in an envelop and send it to me. Which, if likened and viewed by many, should provide a world of opportunities to truly help these seals positively, forever and into the future. And don't forget to send me your email address, so that I can inform you of the link to the next weekly seal videoclip.
      My postal address is. Seal Alert-SA, Box 221, Postnet, Hout Bay, 7806, South Africa.
PS - Within the next 4 weeks, the first clip will be ready.
Excited as ever, for the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
link to sealmancam