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Namibian Fisheries Ministry Meeting on the 9th
August 14, 2007

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,
      Below you will clearly see what Seal Alert-SA has been doing to save this species. Francois.

This Picture was taken on 20th August 2005 at 10.35 at Cape Cross

      Namibian Travel agencies and scientists claim this is the largest Cape fur seal colony in southern Africa. Government then increased the pup quota in 2006 by 30%, and has awarded two sealing rights holders the right to club 50 000 pups a year on this colony for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, in which scientists claim 30% of pups born is a sustainable harvest.

These Pictures were taken on the 10th August 2007 at 10.40 at Cape Cross
(2 years later on roughly the same day and time)

     Not a single seal to be found, less than 30 days into 139 day sealing season which started on July 1. This colony touted as the largest, is now extinct. (I have extreme close-up's as well). Sealing therefore cannot be sustainable as it causes extinction, like it did to all the offshore seal island colonies.
    This is the press release just issued by the Namibian Ministry.

For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

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Seal Alert-SA, Press Release August 7, 2007




     Following the meeting with the Prime Minister Nanhas Angula of Namibia on July 23. The PM has requested a second meeting to take place on the August 9, between Seal Alert-SA (Francois Hugo) and Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources Dr Abraham Iyambo, the fishing industry and scientists.

Fisheries Minister Dr Abraham Iyambo and Seal Alert-SA Francois Hugo

    The Consultative Meeting will take place in Windhoek, starting at 09h00, in the boardroom of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, at the corner of Uhland & Gotche Street.
    In a letter dated July 25, Seal Alert-SA was asked to present a 15 minute presentation on the day of the meeting. In a further telephonic call yesterday, Permanent Secretary reacting to apparent enquiries from the media, requested Seal Alert-SA to inform the media, that the meeting will be a "closed-door" meeting. Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA replied that I have no objection to the media attending and are in fact most welcome >from our view-point. However, as it is their meeting, they are naturally at liberty to decide who attends.
    Please therefore contact the Permanent Secretary Mr M A Mbanga on +264 61 2053084 or 0811228395 should you wish to attend the meeting on the 9th.
    Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA will be arriving in Windhoek in the evening of the 8th, and will be staying at the SAFARI HOTEL +264 61 2968000. Should any in the media require a "before" presentation, I will be available the evening of the 8th or alternatively at 8am before the meeting on the 9th.
    I can be contacted in Namibia from the 8th onwards on my mobile phone +27 76 519 2499 or 27 82 891 4000.
    Seal Alert-SA presentation which is the result of a 8-year investigation into the Management of Culling Seals. Our research indicates that banning seals from endemic breeding islands, displacing them onto the mainland and then selectively culling 30 - 100% of its new-born suckling pups has directly lead to a unnatural population explosion of the seal population until the 1990s and thereafter with increased fishing, now lead to at least six major mass die-offs, which is threatening the survival of this already endangered seal species, almost extinct in its natural habitat. The result of this mismanagement has cost the fishing industry thousands of jobs and over N$ 90 billion. Further evidence clearly points to scientists incorrectly advising governments in the 1970s to cull seals as a population control, as environmentally this particular species of seal, did not require culling, and would have either remained stable or declined in population over the past 30 years. Serious mismanagement flaws has left Namibia with a collapsing marine environment. The seals, as a top predator, are the key and solution in part. Seal Alert-SA's research further proves the entire Seal Culling Industry has been unlawful for the past three decades, and will be making an urgent call for an announcement that Namibia will change its seal consumptive policy to a non-consumptive policy. Seal Alert-SA will strongly urge the Namibian government to announce an end to its Seal Culling Policy.
   For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

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Subject: What the P.M of Namibia Said He Needs to End Sealing
Date: July 29, 2007

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,
    Please read the below carefully. Sadly, I have had to fund this campaign, the entire Namibian Anti-Cull Campaign out my own pocket (2006 and 2007). I make a desperate appeal for funding, as I have much to do urgently before my meeting on the 9th, days away. If you can truly help the seals in their hour of need please do. The Seashepherd funding only covers the day to day operational costs of Seal Rescue in Hout Bay which is an on-going daily expense, (is not related to funding a separate campaign to end the Namibian Seal Cull). I have already dipped into this to pay for Herbert and my flights to Namibia. My banking details below, once again I call upon the true seal supporters to come to the fore, as there is much underhanded dealings going on behind the scenes threatening these seals future, and I need to counter this. Francois.


ZAR is South  AfricanRand

More information to be able to send the money via  internet:

SEAL ALERT-SA ACC : 911 2201 321
BRANCH CODE : 632  005


Bank name : ABSA
City/code : TABLE VIEW, 7439
Country : South  Africa

Seal Alert-SA, Press Release, July 30, 2007

What the P.M of Namibia Said He Needs to End Sealing

Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA During his Meeting
with Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nahas Angula of Namibia on Seal Culling

    What was said in the historic meeting on the 23rd. Francois Hugo was given 30-minutes to present his case for the seals to end their slaughter. The meeting stretched on to 45-minutes.
    Francois Hugo : "We are all Africans and such as we need to find an African solution to this perceived seal problem"
    PM : "I think we understand what you are trying to say". (referring to the presentation)
    PM : "Let us agree on a few principles first, number one. Let us focus on the issue that is an economic one. Only in accordance with Namibian laws, the Namibian law the constitution, let me read here what they quote, 'that the state shall actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people by adopting interalia policies aimed at the utilization of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians both present and future'. Let us agree to those principles, no lets us not break it down here I want us to agree on this. Because I know the reason why I'am saying that, it is because you are claiming that we are harvesting your seals as well".
    PM : "You are making some points which I struggle with like chasing of the seals from islands, let us not believe that".
    PM : "If we find seals in Namibian waters, they do not belong to another country they belong to Namibia. So seals in Namibian waters are Namibian seals, if they migrate to South Africa they are South Africa seals. That we should be clear, so we shall not mix these two things".
    PM : "What we have to do in order for you to really get the Namibian government to think whether the quota is to high or too low is to demonstrate under this (Constitutional) chapter under this procedure of law, that the harvesting of seals is destabilising or bringing an imbalance in the political direction of Namibia. If you can do that then the government will not want to be sealing under the Namibian Constitution".
   PM : "Number two. The method of killing YES, I agree I don't want that, I don't want the beating of an animal in front of myself, but its a resource just like fish. The point is that it must be done in a humane way and a sustainable way. That we will not quarrel about that, but if you can find us a humane way of doing it that is fine".
   PM : "Thirdly. The tourist potential, YES who doesn't want tourists there are many people, they come and they watch the seals, when I went to Luderitz a few months ago, I went to watch the seals on the rocks somewhere there, that's fine. I do not think there is a contradiction between watching seals and harvesting some of them".
   PM : "the story of the pups I am not commenting on that one".
   PM : "I don't know why in particular pups (nursing baby seals) are being harvested that the Minister is here to explain, so let him explain, why pups and why bulls".
   PM : "But I just want us to agree to Namibia is entitled to benefit from its biological non renewable resources. But if you can prove that it is not sustainable or if you think that the natural mortality is going to improve by chasing seals from the shore to the islands. I'm not sure the Minister will find a way of doing that, but as I said the minister is perhaps the one who can answer that".
   Fisheries Minister : "Mr Prime Minister we are out of time". 
   Seal Alert-SA was instructed by the Prime Minister to meet the Fisheries Minister on the 9th. Since has received a Consultative Meeting invitation to meet the Fisheries Minister, Scientists and the Fishing Industry on August 9, 2007, at 09.00 in the boardroom of the Ministry of Fisheries, corner of Uhland and Gotche street.  A further letter was received requesting a further presentation by Seal Alert-SA to last 15 minutes.
   Seal Alert-SA is prepared to give a before presentation to the media, if this can be arranged.

Cape Cross Seal Colony Where Sealers have a 50 000 pup quota - Problem No Seals ?

     Seal Alert-SA requests Namibian Media to start reporting on the facts, to not do so could drive Namibia, a beautiful country to economic ruin or as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Dr Abraham Iyambo says, "complete economic sabotage" over its seal culling policy.
     Seal Alert-SA naturally does not want this for Namibians, we simply want the seal cull to end, now!
     On July 1, Minister of Fisheries claimed a total Namibian pup population of 205 500 (December 2005 pup count). Ignoring his own scientists which state pups on the three sealing colonies Wolf/Atlas Bay and Cape Cross suffer a 62% natural mortality (from increased or overfishing) in a scientific report published (June 2006), sets a three year rolling quota of 80 000 pups. Ignoring as well, the reported mass die-off that occurred in 2006 (where up to 95% of the pups died from starvation and half the adult population). The pic above of Cape Cross sealing colony taken one day before (July 22) the meeting with the PM at 12am clearly shows that this colony is almost deserted just three weeks into the sealing season which runs for months from July 1 to November 15.
    Clearly starving or dead seals cannot consume fish, let alone 900 000 tons as quoted in the public, the media and to the fishing industry. The pic above clearly shows that there is not even a thousand seals in the whole colony, yet both the Prime Minister and the Fisheries Minister claim that they are harvesting seals under the constitution sustainable?
    Where is the 50 000 seals to club and stab to death that has been given to two sealing rights holders for Cape Cross Seal Colony???????
    I believe the Fisheries Minister should resign over this photograph alone.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
27-21-790 8774

* . * . *

Press Release, Seal Alert-SA, July 26, 2007

Seal Alert-SA Meeting with Prime Minister of Namibia and a further Meeting with the Fisheries Ministry, Fishing Industry and Scientists set for the 9th August 2007

Namibia's Seal Penis Exports To Arouse Frustrated Asian Lotharios

         The meeting on the 23rd in Namibia, was attended by the Rht.Hon Prime Minister Nahas Angula, Fisheries Minister and Minister of Information. In attendance with Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA, was Dr Herbert Henrich of Seashepherd, and NSPCA's International Campaign Manager Celeste Houseman.
        The Prime Minister of Namibia gave Seal Alert-SA 30-minutes to present its case for the cessation of seal culling in Namibia. The meeting stretched on for 45 minutes. Seal Alert-SA presented a power point presentation on a big screen, in which three minutes of raw footage was also shown of the brutal clubbing and stabbing, suffering of baby seals by clearly unskilled sealers. The presentation can be down-loaded from, You can download
http://download.yousendit.com/0200459526B31920, The presentation Francois gave to the PM from the above link. Also, slide 62 has a video clip in it (double click to activate). 
(Note AAP you can go to it also via
www.bit4net.com/files/PMSEALPRESENTATION.ppt )
        The Namibian Media was a little upset that Seal Alert-SA did not advise of the exact date or time (although we did Alert them to a meeting taking place on the day). Seal Alert-SA has explained, apologised and offered to return to Namibia to give a Media Presentation of the presentation I gave to the PM. Unfortunately seal rescue commitments, and those of other members of the party necessitated that we fly in and out on the same day.
        A further meeting was requested by the Prime Minister, in which Seal Alert-SA and its representatives have been asked to sit with the Fisheries Ministry, Fishing Industry and Scientists. See further details, in the Namibian Govt run newspaper New Era,
http://allafrica.com/stories/200707250378.html .
        Seal Alert-SA has received a second invitation dated July 24, to attend a meeting on August 9, at 09.00.
        To which Seal Alert-SA has replied to the Prime Minister and CC, the Minister of Fisheries. (see attached letter).
I will endeavour to keep you all updated as the situation progresses.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
27-21-790 8774

Attached letter:

Tel : (021) 790 8774
Fax: (021) 790 8774
E-Mail :
Website : www.SealAlert.org
Ref: Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

July 26, 2007

Dear Right Honourable Nanhas Angula Prime Minister of Namibia,

CC : Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Re :
Meeting on 23rd and Proposed Meet on the 9th August 2007

Thank you for the opportunity afforded to Seal Alert-SA on 23
rd July, to present its case for the cessation of seal culling in Namibian.

Seal Alert-SA deeply apologize for the apparent non-agreed to “media hijack”. This was never the intention. The wildlife film-maker (not media) was on assignment for Seal Alert-SA filming background seal images in Namibia, as such I asked various PA’s present if Bart Smithers film crew could assist with the Seal Alert-SA presentation, they agreed. I was unaware he was attempting to record the meeting, give no such permission neither, and in your presence, instructed him to switch off his camera. For any misunderstanding thereto I apologize.

I refer to our discussions on the 23
rd, and now the invitation from Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to attend a further meeting on the 9th August 2007. More so, recent press reports and the position taken by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources that, “if Seal Alert-SA has a better option of culling, the ministry was willing to modify its methods”.

It is imperative to correct the situation concerning seal utilization as presented to the people of Namibia. There is no humane method to harvest or kill nursing baby seals, we make this point very clearly.

SealAlert strongly rejects the accusation to be involved in damaging the Namibian economy. The very opposite is true:
You are killing nursing baby seals in full view of all your visitors and you are now surprised that there is an international outcry, a global ban on seal products and a direct impact on your country's tourist industry.
By your own statements this industry employs 140 unskilled people and it generates an export earning of less than US$ 100 000.- per year. This, Minister, is not an industry. It is a small scale business which violates the concept of animal welfare and contributes next to nothing to your national economy. It also has no element of sustainability as you are destroying the natural breeding and reproduction cycle and restricting the animals to unnatural environments.This is destruction and not sustainability of your seal population. Numbers alone do not reflect the natural health of any given animal group. 
While SealAlert condemns the butchery of nursing seal pups and the senseless export of seal bull penises to frustrated Asian Lotharios. SealAlert has shown to you how to control and regulate your seal population - naturally, without mass die-offs or mass killings.
SealAlert has also offered to your Government to be instrumental in enhancing, at no cost to you, Namibia's seal viewing and eco-tourism industry. This industry on its own would provide thousands of jobs country-wide by increasing tourism. South Africa has an annual earning of R15 million as a direct income from seal tours alone. All the spin-off income for the hospitality industry, transport, and trading are not even included in this figure.

Namibia clearly cannot to both.
We have direct access to over 10 million members of our associated NGOs and through this network alone Namibia could be promoted more successfully than any P.R. campaign could ever hope for. By the same token, however, it will be these people who will censure you for allowing the seal butchery to continue and it will be these people who will strike you off the list of countries worth visiting.
In consequence, Prime Minister, SealAlert will be glad to meet with you again but not to discuss how to kill better or more efficiently. The ongoing killing must stop. This is non-negotiable.
We are prepared to present a more comprehensive plan for rehabilitation of the seal colonies and for direct promotion of Namibia's tourism by enhancing your seal viewing facilities. If you and your colleagues can confirm that this concept will be the basis for the next meeting, we will make the necessary arrangements.
We must repeat, we have nothing to contribute to the ongoing concept of brutality and we would not want to be part of any such discussions.
We will, however, do our utmost to benefit your country as being seen as one of the progressive  21st century Republics protecting and improving our common heritage and environment if your Government will accept a different approach.

For the Seals, and respectfully yours,
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

Seal Alert-SA's Meeting With Prime Minister of Namibia
Discussion Sealing Monday the 23rd of July
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Prime Minister Mr Nahas Angula and Mr Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA

Telephone: +27-(0) 21-790 8774

To interview Mr. Francois Hugo