Now Namibia Allows A Premier Hunting Safari Group to Bow&Arrow-Hunt Cape Fur Seals - Is more primitive possible ?

Seal Alert-SA Press Release, 14 January 2008
Now Namibia Allows A Premier Hunting Safari Group to Bow&Arrow-Hunt Cape Fur Seals, along with Baby Seal Clubbing, Bull 'penis' Seal Shooting, Trophy Rifle Hunting and Live-Seal Exports, This is besides the tens of thousands of seals illegally shot, drowned, entangled in Namibia's Fishing Industry, or the mass die-off's from starvation as a result of over-fishing.

Bull seal shot in Namibia

    No sooner has the ink dried on the Damning EU Report on Seal Culling in Namibia. Seal Alert-SA now discovers that Namibia's premier hunting safari group, Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris which claims on its website clients from several of the most prominent European Royal Families, a former President of Europe, CEO's and top executives of the world's largest companies, and has hosted on numerous occasions His Excellency Sam Nujoma, the former President of the Republic Of Namibia, is now proudly offering trophy hunting to bow and arrow hunters to shoot endangered CITES Appendix 11 listed Cape fur seals.
     Will the killing of seals ever end in Namibia?
     Over 100 000 tourists pay to view these seals in Namibia, earnings millions of dollars and as their numerous photographs show, can virtually approach and touch these seals. Hell, sealers running around with just a club manage to kill 85 000 seal pups each year.
     How on earth are these bow and arrow hunters killing Cape fur bull seals with their immense blubber? How many shots are needed for a kill?
     Is shooting a bull seal resting on a beach, approaching it in camouflage gear with either bow and arrow or rifle, considered hunting, or a fair chase? Where is Namibia's hunting ethics? South Africa recently banned "canned lion hunting" because by definition lions in a fenced enclosure offer no hunt, well what hunt is involved with a bull seal sleeping on a beach?
     This follows Namibian reporter Donna Collins interview with Dr Moses Maurihungirie, Director of Marine Resources at the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries, which was published in the informante on the 31 October 2007. I quote from the last paragraph published,
"When asked (Dr Moses Maurihungirire) about the trophy hunting of seals and the exporting live seals to China, he pooh-poohed it as nonsense, saying (this is quoted) "We cannot take Hugo  (Seal Alert-SA) and his allegations seriously".
     The officially denied trophy hunting of Cape fur seals was again published with another Namibian reporter Brigitte Weidlich in the Namibian Newspaper on 3 January 2006.
     Seal Alert-SA wants to know exactly what the hell is going on in Namibia?
     First, on 27 June 2007, the Namibian Marine Resources (Scientific) Advisory Council reports to Cabinet that surveys have revealed that there are 205 500 pups born December 2005 and recommends a scientific and sustainable cull of 85 000 pups and 6000 bulls, rolling annually for next three years (which it would not have been as it would kill all the remaining pups alive by July). Well aware equally,  that in 2006 a major seal die-off occurred. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources slightly reduces its seal quotas for the 2007 seal killing season to 80 000 pups and 5000 bulls. Fully aware that the December 2006 seal population survey, was not slightly down, but had declined a massive 44%, then it reported in an official reply to Dutch Minister Gerda Verburg on 13 November 2007 that the, and I quote,
"120 000 pups born December 2006".
    205 500 pups to 120 000 pups in a single year, is a massive decline.
    How on earth, questions Seal Alert-SA can you have a country classifying endangered seals as a resource, then awarding so-called scientifically determined sustainable harvesting quotas, which even a 'lay-man scientist' would question, when you subtract the natural known mortality of first-year seal pups from the December born pup count (calculated at 32-62%). Leaving the sealers more seal pups to club then there are alive?
    What is even more pathetic (pure disregard for the conservation of this species), is why does the Minister of Fisheries reduce the bull seal quota from 6000 to 5000 bulls, and then another Minister, the Minister of Tourism award trophy hunters (how many thousands) to hunt bull seals with rifles and bow and arrows?
     It is Namibian government that has legislated that Cape fur seals are a marine resource, whose management falls under the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, whose jurisdiction ends at the high water mark. How then is it legally possible for another Minister to issue hunting permits to kill this species of marine mammal?
    Has Namibia completely lost it?
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