"Seal Alert-SA going into Stealth mode"
Seal Alert-SA Francois Hugo mailto:sasealion@wam.co.za

September 26, 2006

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,
          As you can see the below article, in my opinion it has taken MCM with all its bought and paid for scientists less than 100 years to destroy our entire marine wildlife. If money or greed is the route of all evil, then lack of it, in the case of MCM, must boil down to complete stupidity. If this is how they manage their finances, one can only guess how our wildlife is truly being mismanaged.
         Its been somewhat of a hectic past year for Seal Alert-SA, on the go with seals 24-7-365 days, for 7 years. Not a single days break in-between. Events lately have and are reaching a critical stage, and I fear there are some amongst us, that have hidden agendas. Disappointed to a large extent to what I see, I need to re-evaluate. The problems for the Cape fur seals could be so easily overcome, but it seems, the seals biggest problem, is not from overfishing or fishermen, but the so-called conservationists and scientists hired to protect them.
        I fear it has always been this way, although billions have been donated to help seals. The $1 campaign unfortunately is a complete failure, but thank you to those that did support. Over 600 people signed the petition to end Namibian Seal Hunt and about 44 letters were received.
        I have a real problem with what has happened in the EU, and it disgusts me that people still support this type of incompetence. As I no longer know who is truly Cape fur seals friend or foe. I have decided to stop all updates and go silent.
        The Cape fur seals future I believe depends upon it. As soon as I have positive news, I will reported back. Seal Alert-SA feels it is best that nobody knows what it is up to in the next few months for our results to be effective, and not continually blocked by hidden agendas.
To those who are true Cape fur seals and all seal supporters, you have done a magnificent job getting it this far.
Hope you all understand.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA