The "Mighty" Seal Supporters - You are just Great !
Date: October 27, 2006 8:42:17 PM

Dear Cape fur seal supporters,
         Although it appears we number only a few hundred, we are ALL indeed the 'mighty' few.
This week closed on a high tone, and a low one, which I thought I would share.

Mumkin centre, and four of the 8 weanlings rescued these past two weeks.
        I was called to rescue a seal caught in a trawl net and which had been left to starve to death in the blazing sun for over a week and a half, by the skipper. Whilst this was going on, a 10day into rehab weanling rescued was dipping, and was close to death.
Sadly he died.
        Nikki in Cape Town sprang into action and blasted the CEO of this, the largest fishing company in South Africa.
Immediately there was a high-level enquiry, fleet managers arrived and statements taken.

        The end result was this -
Just had a call from Des .... Des.... someone or the other from Oceana to tell me what the conclusion was on the case.
Apparently, he was given a final warning, and any breach (in regards to the seals) will result in an immediate termination of his contract. He must also take action against his crew as it was determined the crew knew about the seal.
Oceana is calling a meeting on discussing training in dealing with seals, with the skippers and tight control will be kept on policies and procedures.
He also mentioned that you ("Oh? Is Francois the guy who was on 50/50? The blonde man who they call the Sealman?") will be called should a seal need your help and that they will make use of your services, and that all skippers and crew must call you when they have a problem with seals.
      These companies deploy over 65 000 trawl nets, where between 1-25 seals get trapped and drowned annual. So this is indeed, a very positive development. Skippers which earn over 200 000, are now terrified, if they get caught again will lose their jobs. Well done Nikki.
      Over the past two weeks, I have responded to a sudden flood of weanlings, like Mumkin, bone thin coming ashore, exactly the same that is happening in Namibia. I suspect that these a baby seals, separated from the mothers and have fled 1000 km to South Africa. After 10 days I lost one, after two weeks I have saved 6 more and are doing well. Another weanling already convulting on the beach was hurriedly brought to me,only to die in my arms within two minutes. Two dead, 6 alive, with one still under intensive care abroad our Spirit of Seal Supporters pup rescue boat.
     Then a sub-adult arrived savaged by a great white, biting his hind flippers smashing at least four bones and his front flipper. Shocked, weak and in great pain, he has responded well.
Shark attacked seal

      Last Sunday, Paul reported German Parliament had just banned ALL Seal products, who will preside over the European Union in early 2007. I needed confirmation that Cape fur seals would be included. Immediately seal supporters swung into action, Marcela and Elizabeth forwarded me press releases, from these we traced that Barbel Hohn from the German Green Party was behind the ban (how I love our worldwide network and the internet). Nikki and Herbert of Seashepherd then made contact direct, and today we have confirmation Cape fur seals are included (see attached), as well as ALL seals. With Germany to head the EU in 2007, could we all send a thank you to Jens Kendzia and Baerbel Hohn at the address below - I would really appreciate it ( Nikki was once again fantastic)
     From: "Jens Kendzia"
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 3:20 P

German seal ban - parliamentary motion.pdf

Dear Nikki Botha,

attached to this mail you will find the motion that the German House of Representatives ("Bundestag") adopted on October the 19th. Under subsection "II." it says:

"The German Bundestag demands of the Federal Government - to press for a ban of the importation of and trade with products *of all kinds of seals *(in German "aller Robbenarten") throughout the European Union - as long as such a European ban is not achieved, to effectively interdict the importation of, fabrication of and trade with seal products in Germany."
Jens Kendzia
      With support like this from you ALL, I know we will shut down the Namibian Seal Slaughter before it starts again in July 2007. So dear Seal Supporters, you ALL have made me one proud to know you, Seal-Man.
Sadly when we started this year with saving the babies, we lost 7, Mumkin being the sole survivor. With these latest babies, although we did not raise them from birth, we have still, saved what we started from this years baby seals, plus another 400 seals. For everything each one of you have done, you have my deepest and sincerest thanks.

       Donna of Namibian, produced another fine article in Namibian newspaper,
as well as Lorna getting a great letter published.
        And then today, I opened my mail, and there was a letter from Earle. Charles a young lad from Dubai, who sponsored the saving of a seal on his 13th Birthday, has sent 110 Canadian dollars, with a note, "Here is 15% of my 2006 money total. I believe that one day the battle will be won !"
       Indeed Charles, with you on the seals side, we cant lose.
Thank you all.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA