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Seal Alert-SA Wildlife Nannies, with the three babies being rehabbed will appear on TV soon. Francois.

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Dear Francois Hugo,
We are happy to announce that our TV series “Wildlife Nannies”, which in the German version will be titled “S.O.S. Tierbabys”, is close to being finished up in postproduction. The US broadcasting station VOOM will show the first two episodes on September 8
th and from then on every Sunday until December. The German broadcaster ZDF will air daily (Monday through Friday) starting September 17th at 2:15 p.m.
You will then be able to watch the ZDF version of the series on their website anytime on, menu item “ZDF mediathek”. 
Your episode with the baby seals “Alpha, JT and Amigo” will be featured in episode 5 of the ZDF version and episode 3 of the international version.
Furthermore we have decided to build a website accompanying the international “Wildlife Nannies” series in order to connect its many different protagonists and projects from Australia, Africa and Europe with each other as well as with the fans the series will hopefully gather.
The idea is to build a platform connecting animal activists and their projects with supporters across the world.
We will present the many different great stories (150 stories worldwide) we have gathered while researching and shooting, include a lot of pictures and some video clips, and ask users to send in stories and pictures of their own.
Besides connecting and entertaining, we hope to help out the many great projects like yours find more support.
In order to do so, we would like to present some projects in greater detail on the website.  Besides telling the story that we already told in the TV show, we would write a little feature about the project – which we would like to “personalize”, that is not to write about the project in general, but present it via a portrait of a “Nanny”. This is to give users a little up to date insight into the projects work.
We would like to ask you, if you would be interested in becoming one of these featured “Nannies of the Month” and giving users an insight into your work at “Sea Alert”. Besides introducing you with a small article that will tell what we already know from the TV series, there will be a small video clip of the material we shot at “Sea Alert”. What we would then like, however, is you to write a small blog for this portrait. We are thinking about a timeframe of about two months, in which you would regularly (every 2 -3 weeks or however it makes sense) send us a blog entry to put online. Maybe you have some new baby seals, that you could introduce and tell the story of during those two months, or maybe something else exciting is happening. Additionally it would be great if you could include some photographs – or even video clips if you have - with your blog entries, to make it a bit more visual.
The websites content will be completely in English and we will include a link to your website as well as direct link to your “Help Sea Alert” site via a “donate now!” button.
We would be very glad to have you as a “Nanny of the Month”, as we think your project is quite an interesting one and one worth supporting and introducing further to our audience.
I am attaching a screenshot of the design for the “Nanny of the Month”-page so you have an idea of how it will work and look like. I am also including a digital postcard for the show and website. On the cover you can see a German baby seal named “Mia”, who was found stranded and motherless on the shores of the North Sea, raised in a German seal station and is now back to living on her own in the North Sea. You see, the stories of “Wildlife Nannies” connect on many levels.
Dear Francois,
Please let us know what you think. The website is not online yet, but will hopefully work by mid-September. The URL will be
I will also be happy to send you a DVD of your episode of both the German and the international version if you like. Just let me know.
Hope to hear from you soon and all the best from Berlin,
Kirstin Bergmann
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