What You Can Do Now
Contact Hon. Minister Martinus Van Schalkwyk Dept. Environmental Affairs & Tourism:
Ph: (021)402 3103
Fax (021)425 6977

Ask him to protect seals in the following ways:-

Implement existing laws and introduce more effective Seal Protection Laws than the current Seal Protection Act allows.

Give back Robben Island to the seals.

Make it illegal for fishermen to carry weapons and explosives on fishing trips since pirates are no longer a danger.

Ban clubbing of seals in Namibia.

Outlaw the sale and harvesting of bull seal penises.

Make it illegal to shoot any seal in the water or on land.

Online Petitions
Ban guns at sea www.PetitionOnline.com/Rrancois/petition.html
Give Robben Island back to seals www.PetitionOnline.com/RobbenSA/petition.html.
Stop Namibian seal clubbing




Action Against Poisoning

Contact Francois

Francois Hugo with some bulls
Email: sasealion@wam.co.za.
Mail a check to:-
PO Box 221, Post Net
Hout Bay 7806
South Africa

The seals thank you!

(South Africa) in

Baby Cape Fur seal, a few days old

Cape Fur Seals have been around for 5 million years, but in the last 10 years their population has declined by 50%. This is because:

1. They have been banned from their natural breeding colony in Robben Is and left to a tiny 2 ha rock to breed on. Every year in breeding season, 14,000 baby seals are washed into the freezing ocean by gale force winds. They either drown, die from starvation or hypothermia, are eaten by Great White Sharks, or get washed up on the mainland and trashed by the council. If no babies survive this means extinction of the species within 10 years.

2. They are shot by fishermen who choose to make them the scapegoat for decline in fish numbers. Fishermen have

declared war on these warm loving creatures.

3. Every year Namibia stabs and clubs to death 60,000 nursing baby seals and shoots 7,000 bulls for their penises.

Seal pups are also run over by trucks and squashed to death, mothers watching helplessly nearby. All this occurs on Namibia’s biggest diamond mining fields run by DeBeers.

4. Fishing lines strangle many seals to death or cut deeply and painfully into their flesh, causing infection.

5. Starvation is a problem due to overfishing by man. This is the largest mass starvation of seals on the planet.

Cape Fur seal populations have decreased by 50% in the last 10 years. If something is not done soon to rectify these problems, within 10 years the Cape Fur seal will become extinct.

SASeal Alert

The only organization doing anything to help these seals is SealAlert-SA. As a one-man operation, Francois Hugo has been working with the media to expose the issues and working through legal channels. In addition he rescues baby seals washed off the breeding colony and swept out to sea landing onshore almost dead. He lovingly tube feeds

them till they are strong again and then as they grow up, teaches them how to eat and swim, like a seal parent, then releases them into the wild. Over the years many of his released seals come back to visit, some needing help with fishing wire cutting deeply into the flesh or bleeding and infected from gunshot wounds. New seals needing help find the “Seal Whisperer” too. Sometimes he drives hundreds of miles through the night to rescue a seal in trouble. His dedication knows no bounds.

South Africa’s
Seal Protection Act gives these seals no protection whatsoever.
Become a Guardian


Please consider becoming a guardian of one of these adorable baby seals. It costs US$500 to rehabilitate one baby seal up till release which includes food, medicine, transport. This process could take up to 9 months. This amount can be donated by one individual or a team of donors. To find out where your nearest team is in Australia, contact:-

Menkit Prince (02)66-795-863