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SEAL ALERT-SA  21st July 2006
Help ! Send Photo-Journalists in to Save the Seals
Latest Namibian Seal Death toll - 13 230 . Sealers have another 71 770 nursing baby seals to go to reach this year's 85 000 seal pup genocide quota.
Namibia : Here is why !
• This just in from a reporter in Namibia - "Hi Francois, Just spoke to the manager of the Cape Cross Lodge - Leon, to get some low down. He claims you can see and hear nothing of the cull (slaughter) fromwhere they are positioned. By 10h00 when the gates are open everything is squeeky clean, and tourists go in as normal. He claimed that there are masses of seals, and you wouldn't notice if some have been killed at this stage, because of the huge numbers. He has not noticed any trucks, lorries or other vehicles driving off with the carcasses, and assumeably all this is done 'cloak and dagger' very early in the morning to set the scene for the tourists.I mentioned that I am on my way up there next week to take photos. I made no bones about it. He said  that there is strict security and police patrollingthe area with guns and weapons, and that I might be taking a chance.He also said I would have to climb over the fence early to get in if I wanted to get pictures, but could get arrested for trespassing. How did you guys manage your pics without getting butchered by an irate patrol guard. Also the world needs fresh footage, so I must go up there".
• "International Fund for Animal Welfare - Got your details from Christine at Ifaw. I want to do a story on the seal cull and hope you can help. Need such info on where the culls happen, how they happen, who actually does it, what happens to the carcasses".
• "Do you perhaps have a nice, clear picture of the Cape fur seal for us. These pictures have a very limited quality".
• "I saw the guys - scientists and spoke to Prof. Denzil Miller (Executive Secretary) Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living
Resources. I asked him about the seals. He refused to comment. "I will not comment and cannot comment on the seals." Yet they are sitting discussing the scientific facts about the marine environment and the living species that are affected by fishing....and are not daring to discusss the seals because Namibia is hosting this international conference for the first time. They are at the Pelican Bay Hotel in Walvis Bay (064) 214000 should anyone
wish to find out more".
"Dear Francois, I am getting telephone calls!!  I just had a call from SABC News in Cape Town!!  He wanted to know exactly where in Namibia the culling is taking place and wanted to know how far from Port Noleth".
• "A spokesperson asked the Commissioner why Namibia continues to slaughter Cape Fur Seals and asked for an immediate stop to this slaughter.  The Commissioner, although polite, responded with: "No comment" to all requests for a response".
• "Albert Mbanga, liaison officer for Namibia's Ministry of Fisheries. Asked what the seal carcasses were used for, he said this was left to the companies given the permits, "But seals are used for quite a lot of things", he added".
Don't know, No Comment or Cannot Comment - Not good enough !
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