Seal Alert-SA Media Release, 4 January 2008.

MCM in Mass Seal-Death Cover-up, Illegal Killing of Seals At Elands Bay, Going on for Years!

days old baby seal pup found strangled by rope - after picture was published in Die Burger newspaper
Department of Environmental Affairs official is filmed removing "the evidence" in an attempt to conceal these illegal seal killings

    On Friday 4 January 2008, Sapa reported that Theressa Frantz of Marine and Coastal Management, Director for offshore and high seas fisheries, under whose mandate Seal Protection falls, stated that none of the 100-150 dead seals had been clubbed, strangled or shot illegally, and that the cause of their death was natural.
    Seal Alert-SA who has monitored this colony since 2001, on a yearly basis, disputes these official findings.

cracked open pup skull

    Cracked open seal skulls are not natural causes of death, nor is strangulation via a rope around a baby seal's neck tied firmly to a rock, nor is .22mm bullet shell casings found alongside dead seals in previous years.
     Seal Alert-SA further questions, why MCM and SPCA are only investigating this incident following the publication of the strangulation of the seal pup photograph in the Die Burger newspaper, when they are well aware this carnage and killing of seals occurs annually at Elands Bay. Whereby by the end of March, each year the seal colony is completely eradicated.
     Professor Andy Smith of the Archaeological department has found evidence that the bushman cave directly above the Elands Bay seal colony used seal pups, with the seal bones dating back over 10 000 years, making this seal colony the oldest known, and culturally very significant.
     In further damning evidence of MCM attempt at a cover-up a department official was photographed removing the evidence of this seal pup being killed via strangulation.
     Seal Alert-SA presented evidence of these seal killings at Elands Bay as far back as 12 December 2004, in a program aired nationally on 50/50.
     In even further damning evidence against MCM's disregard for the conservation and protection of these CITES listed endangered seal species. Seal Alert-SA presents a sworn Affidavit by a member of the public dating back to 2000. In which she not only found that seals had been shot illegally but had also collected the .22mm gun-shell casings found alongside these seals. Furthermore in her statement she states that Inspector Johnny Spens of MCM informed her that he was well aware seals were being shot at Elands Bay and that he had difficulty catching the perpetrators.
     The question to therefore address to Theresa Frantz of MCM, if even her own inspectors is aware of the shooting and clubbing of seals, why is MCM attempting to cover-up this annual illegal carnage of these endangered seals at Elands Bay. Could it be that the crayfish factory alongside deems this seal colony as something undesirable.
     For the Seals
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