International Doctors -
Call for an end to the Namibian Seal Cull

Dear All,
     General Secretary Massimo Pradella of International Doctors - LIMAV and just forwarded me their letter of total support and requests the Minister of Fisheries to end this barbaric and economically unnecessary practice as soon as possible.
Letter attached.
For the Seals
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Medici Internazionali
International Doctors - Médecins Internationales - Internationale Ärtze

Milan, July 17, 2006.

Dear Francois,

OIPA international Organisation for animal protection, is an International Confederation of associations for the animal protection and for the defence of animal rights all over the world, Founded in 1981 by Milly Shar Manzoli, OIPA is a Non Governmental Organisation associated to the UN Department of Public Information since 1992. The purpose of the Organisation consists in the defence of animal rights and in the defence of the animals from every kind of mistreatment. It also follows the purpose of improving the public health through the abolishment of any kind of animal experiments throughout the world. The Organisation also works for environmental defence, where precarian ecological conditions may damage human health, animal and vegetal life in their wholeness.

International Doctors is an international legacy of doctors from different countries who fight against vivisection on a scientific level. It was founded on the 24th of October 1987 in Zurich.
The association International Doctors - LIMAV is formed by scientists against vivisection who work in the research fields where it is practised.
This Legacy represents a very important international reality which is constantly growing: it counts thousands of members throughout the world, encompassing university teachers, researchers and free lanced professionals. International Doctors - LIMAV is the only international Legacy formed by experts in the scientific field and its target is the abolishment of vivisection.

The chairman committee of International Doctors-LIMAV is composed by Prof. Giulio Tarro, University lecturer at the Naples University and chairman of the Italian Society of Immune-Oncology, and by Prof. Wladimir Zukowski, director of the Medical Institute of Moscow and Chancellor of Moscow University.
International Doctors - LIMAV office is in Milan, by the head office of OIPA - via Passerini 18 - 20162 Milano.

We have learned that Namibia's current massacre of 60,000 baby seals and 7,000 bulls targets the Cape Cross Seal colony in the northern nature reserve and a second colony located in the southern sperrgebiet diamond-restricted region of Namibia.
The opposition to Namibia’s seal hunt is global, OIPA International with its 143 members league, all the delegations throught the world and the International Doctors condemn the seal killing (seals killed with one strike to the head and a quick stab in the heart with a long knife) in Namibia as cruel, inhumane and barbaric.
The seal hunt targets baby animals, a practice that is unacceptable.

The International Doctors and OIPA urge the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Dr. Abraham Iyambo to make a firm commitment to do everything within his power to end this barbaric and economically unnecessary practice as soon as possible.

There is no justification for the torturing and massacre of these beautiful living beings.

We totally support Seal Alert SA and the work of Francois Hugo.

Sincerely, Massimo Pradella
International Doctors - LIMAV
General Secretary