Namibia 'Caught' covering-up its overfishing policies
slaughtering starving seals to hide its 7th Mass seal die-off

Media Release : October 11, 2006

Seals are coming ashore, crawling over roads and dying like "flies"
Adult seals been run-over by vehicles left to die - nursing pups with their mothers, being slaughtered
      In July 2006, just prior to the start of Namibia's largest baby nursing seal cull (and the only nursing baby seal cull in the world), Namibian Ministry of Fisheries stated the seal population was still recovering from the 1994 mass die-off, and was at 27% below pre-1993 levels. This would imply the population was at 1982 population levels. Ignoring this, an 85 000 seal pup quota was issued.
     That would see 38 050 nursing baby seals culled on the diamond restricted colonies of Wolf/Atlas Bay. A further 52 950 pup quota for Cape Cross. Where these two quotas combined will see a 100% genocidal cull of the 84 000 nursing baby seals still alive come start of sealing season on July 1. 
     Well aware that a 7th mass die-off from starvation was taking place. Namibia proceeded with its 'cover-up'. Well aware that its sealers were in contravention of numerous CITES export violations and that the European Union was considering a major Seal Ban of all Seal Products, and two sealers concession rights end in 2007. The cull continued.
     Now the Permanent Secretary Ms Mbako admits, the seal pups in the De Beers diamond restricted colony of Wolf/Atlas Bay, have been starving so badly from birth, that their growth had dropped to less than 10%. From 30g/day to just 2g/day. It also found that 48% and 51% of the pups were below the surviving threshold of 11kg. Further stating the majority of pups will not survive beyond post weaning age.
    Its 2006,100% genocidal cull of nursing baby seal in birthing grounds (a practiced out-lawed around the world since 1983), is therefore a clear attempt at a cover-up, to conceal the mass death, via a sealing industry.
    Seal Alert-SA's founder Francois Hugo therefore demands that the Minister of Fisheries resign, as under the Constitution of Namibia its sealing industry is unlawful and not sustainable, and presents a very real threat to the future survival of this protected and endangered species.

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