New Addition to the Family, Sleeping Black Beauties,
and Dutch offers come-in.

From: Seal Alert-SA
Date: February 16, 2007

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters,
       Things have been hectic, hectic. Paul Watson's efforts and the team at Seashepherd have been a true inspiration, fighting for the Whales in the icy Antarctica. They all did and said everything, perfectly.
       At the centre, I have been battling to get the weanlings rescued that fled from the sealers in Namibia, to self survive, but one by one, we are slowly getting them back on their flippers and hunting. One pup, has decided to be the centre's guard-seal, and stations himself at night outside, protecting the premises, before coming in each morning on my arrival.

Our Seal-Guard

        We are now at day 90, in the three baby seals rehab. 275 days to go, to achieving our goal of a world first, group baby Cape fur seal rehab. Our vet Bruce, recommended adding B6 to their diet, and there has been a tremendous improvement in their weight, health - in fact we are raising little monsters. Omega has bonded deeply with me, and although the other two are not fully bonded (which could pose problems on their release in the wild), they are suckling on my skin and accept my scent. JT answers my call, but Alpha refuses. I am extremely positive that we will achieve our goal. There is an incredible bond developing between all three and it will be so exciting to watch their development in the wild, together. Although from different colonies, they are fully united. Mumkin, unlike the other babies rehabbed has not left for his seven month disappearing act in the wild, like the other pups around mid-January. I suspect, he is waiting for me to take him out to the deep sea hunting grounds on the jetski, which I have not done, as I was concentrating on the Namibian culling issue this year. Popeye is nowhere to be seen, but our first baby, now 5-years old, already a big bull, pops in frequently.

JT, Alpha and Omega

         Initially I thought JT might be a little girl, but on Tuesday a couple found a little seal pop its head out of the surf, looking very confused, cold and weak. This little seal clearly a little lady, must have washed off the False Bay colony, swam through white shark patrolling waters, the 7 kilometres to the beach, how long she survived on her own is unknown, but she was about 50% underweight. I promised one of our Dutch supporters, I would name a seal after him, although a lady, I have decided to name her Eddy, in his honour. Our family has now grown to four.


       I am looking forward, and hope the results are positive with the meeting on the 21st with the Deputy Director of MCM. Very little additional work on the centre has taken place, as the next phase requires large amounts. Instead, I had to re-do and re-paint their pool and re-plaster the second pool. In addition, I have stripped our three-seater jertski, for a respray, and to get it ready for the pups phase two in the wild.
      Anjo of our Dutch website has been hard at work, and the Seal film done by Edward Snijders "Seals for Real" film continues to win awards, and his has been nominated for the Moscow Film Festival. Thanks again to Anjo,

      So although, we still have to apply and it will take some time and it is not certain we will be granted, 2007 is off to a good start. If that was not positive enough, Seal Alert-SA had promised to help Chairperson Marianne Thieme of the Partj voor De Dieren in the Netherlands win some seats, and true to her word, she asked questions in Parliament about the Namibian seal slaughter/cull (see below) 

A question from Marianne, again in Dutch. Our Dutch minister of Agriculture says that only 2 species of seals are used for their "products", all other species are protected. We need proof that the Cape Fur Seals are also used for their fur etc. so Marianne can come up with evidence.
She had a wonderful speech about the plight of the Cape Fur Seals. She has sent me this. But unfortunately, again all in Dutch. You can read it at this URL:


Cape Cross Namibian Baby Slaughter fields
     Then I received this, "First reaction that came in after the item of Seal Alert was broadcasted on national tv here in the Netherlands. Already answered this woman, but I wanted you to know. Several millions of Dutch have watched this, can't thank Edward Snijders enough. This viewer forward us some pics, and described in chilling detail, how she witnessed the truck leaving with the dripping dead bloody baby seal carcases, hidden under a canvas-top, depart the baby seal clubbing fields in Namibia. After sweeping the bloodied killing field/beach over to conceal the blood, and open the gate for tourists to pay their money, to view Namibia's seal wildlife splendour.
     What the pic on the right proves, is that the clubbing of these 8-month old baby nursing seals, is not controlled or limited to just a particular age. The blood holes should all ly in a straight gauntlet type-line. This proves that sealers rounded up a group of seals, cows, bulls, sub-adults, pups and babies (because they are impossible to separate) - allowing none to escape, (although the quota is only for pups), and clubbed the entire group to death, in front of each other.


     and we have a new addition to our centre, a large bull, very weak and thin, with a head injury that appears to have been caused by a boat propeller. This is one of the reasons, Seal Alert-SA conducts its research and rescue on Jet-Ski's, thereby ensuring no seals get mistakenly injured. Yet, Marine and Coastal Management bans jetski's >from Marine Protected Areas but allows out-board motors and un-protected propellers freely into these protected wildlife areas.
    I hope I have covered most things happening. Will keep you informed, and will report back on our meeting with MCM.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
27-21-790 8774