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Francois Hugo
Date: December 9, 2006 4:12:59 PM
"and still more good news .....
        De Beers the largest gem diamond producer in the world, and were 70% of the Cape fur seals in South Africa have colonised on their land and a further 50% of the Namibian Cape fur seals in Namibia equally occur, where clubbing of baby seals has taken place for over 60 years. De Beers has now commissioned Accountability to undertake a De Beers Reputation Research and Seal Alert-SA has been asked to partake in an interview involving 20 external stakeholders which will hopefully guide this corporate giant in its environmental (seal) policies over the next 2 - 5 years. My 60-minute conference call from the UK is scheduled for Monday."  

Namibia, South Africa - June 15, 2006 - Seal Alert-South Africa has called upon the world's largest producer of gem diamonds - De Beers and the Namibian Government to immediately put in place a moratorium to halt the annual commercial cull of protected Cape Fur Seals on their properties.
With a recent announcement by Fishing Minister Abraham Iyambo to slash the fishing industry even more this year, with area and seasonal closures and a five year moratorium on new fishing rights, it makes no ecological sustainable sense to keep culling Cape Fur seals, who are equally effected by the declining fish crisis.
The following letter was received from De Beers today July 6, 2006

From: "SealAlert-SA"
Date: July 27, 2006 10:23:28 AM GMT+01:00

Noseweek Seal Article

Dear All,
     Adam Welz has written an excellent article for Noseweek - August 2006 Edition. This and other excellent articles can also be viewed on-line at
     It is a little disturbing that De Beers has still not respond to my further enquiries in my email "Namibian Sealer within Diamond Restricted Area receives increased quota on a collapsing protected seal species" sent on the 17th July.(see attached)
Seal Death Toll is now
17 010 nursing baby seal pups - with sealers still needing 67 990 to fill their 2006 Seal Quota of 85 000. The Cruellest Illegal Seal Hunt in the World.
Enjoy the article.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA

From: "SealAlert-SA"
Date: July 17, 2006 5:21:41 AM GMT+01:00
To: "Lussier, Stephen" , , , , , , , , , ,
Subject: Namibian Sealer within Diamond Restricted Area receives increased quota on a collapsing protected seal species

SEAL ALERT-SA  17th July 2006

Namibian Sealer within Diamond Restricted Area receives
increased quota on a collapsing protected seal species
Risks health of South Africans
Dear Stephen Lussier - De Beers Group Services
     I refer to the media conference held by the Namibian Minister Iyambo on 12th July. It is most disconcerting that Namibia has increased the sealing quota from 65 000 in 2005, to 85 000 pups for 2006, and went forward with the baby nursing seal (genocide) cull starting on 1st July. This has raised serious questions.
     The Namibian minister has now stated, that the seal population in Namibia has only recovered to 73% of the 1993 population level. After 13 years, the seal population is 27% lower than in 1993. The 2006 sealing quota is 68% higher than the 1993 quota. Scientifically this is clearly not sustainable and in contravention of Namibia's constitution.
      It is in fact now, a seal pup genocide as every pup on these sealing colonies will now be killed - it is therefore an illegal cull.
     As such this has placed Seal Alert-SA in a difficult position and I am therefore forced to go public with this letter, in the interests of future seal conservation and protection in this region.
     I refer to your letter to me dated 6th July. "De Beers has a real commitment as a company both to the environment and to conservation" and "Be assured that we will bring to attention of our contacts in the Namibian Government the views of the international community with regard to the seal population in Namibia".
     Since 1990, the Sealer that has been operating in the Namdeb diamond restricted area (un-opposed),  is Mr Willem Burger of Namibian Venison and Marine Exports. With a sealing quota in 2005 of 29 000 pups - he has informed Seal Alert-SA that he could only harvest 80% of his quota. By definition that would imply he killed every pup within the seal colonies of Wolf and Atlas Bay, last year and will again this year.
    According to Fishing Industry Handbook - Namibia Venison & Marine Exporters lists itself as producing carcass, meal, seal oil, seal skins and seal skin products. I trust De Beers is aware of the article in the Sunday Independent - "Seal rights group warns Namibia of health risk" , as such, this sealer operating within the diamond restricted area since 1990, and who is exporting seal carcasses and seal oil, to the livestock and pet food industry in South Africa as well as the health food industry - could be severely infecting the health of a South Africa's livestock and pet food industry - but equally the health of South Africans and their pets in general as no health certification certificate is required.
62% of the seals to be culled lies within the Namdeb diamond restricted area.
With the seal population 27% below pre-1993 levels, sealers have an increased sealing quota of 68% over 1993 sealing quota.
Since 1994, there has been at least 3 major mass die-off's of the seal population from starvation or disease, which occurred mostly within the diamond restricted area, in 1994, 1995 an 2000, and from which the seal population has still not fully recovered.
Mr Burger of Namibia Venison and Marine Exports has had his sealing quota increased from 29 000 pups in 2005 to 38 050 pups in 2006. Even though he could only harvest 80% of his 2005, 29 000 pup quota.
     You are aware that your biggest market for your gem diamonds is the US. Which has banned the taking of seal pups nursing - since 1972, and which was further confirmed by the US appeal court in 1977 - as it disrupts breeding and is inhumane and cruel. You are further aware that Namibia remains the only country in the world, and only sealing country in the world to still commercially cull nursing baby seals since 1987.
Since 1972 over a million protected Cape fur seal nursing pups have been slaughtered illegally (international standards) within the diamond restricted area. 
The Namibian seal cull is now the cruellest - inhumane seal "harvest" in the world.
     You are further aware, that the ministers public call for "suggestions on better methods to kill nursing seal pups", will not be responded to, as it is illegal anywhere else in the world and any suggestions of which by the international community could lead to criminality.
     As you know, I have widely circulated your letter and have taken the positive stance to support your claims "De Beers does not support any seal culling activities", however as numerous seal supporters have pointed out - De Beers has not stated it is against the culling of seals or will attempt to have it stopped. As a leading corporate industry in this region, it was hoped that De Beers would have used and expressed its influence more directly. However based on the ministers public statements, not only is the seal culling continuing, but has increased considerable and is now a "Seal Pup Genocide". 62% of which is in diamond restricted land controlled by De Beers.
     As I have received no further communication from De Beers since the letter on the 6th, could you please comment urgently and disclose whatever progress has been made if any to end this seal genocide. I note further that my personal appeal to the Oppenheimer family to facilitate a resurrection of the "buy-out" offer to IFAW by the Namibian government to end sealing in Namibia, has met with no response.
     This issue is therefore not whether De Beers owns the land; or has no right to deny access to the sealers or provides the sealers with no support - but instead why does it allow the conservation and protection of a protected species - to be the cruellest, illegal seal pup genocide in the world - on land that they have direct control over?
     Please therefore be advised that Seal Alert-SA has joined with in the US and have put together a on-line petition to Namibia to end this cull .
Public demonstration Protests are due to take place outside the Namibians Embassies in London and Pretoria - South Africa on the 19th July.
Could you please indicate what position De Beers intends to take on these recent and unacceptable developments, for I refer to your opening words, "I cannot help but be moved by the images you have seen", surely then, this Namibian Seal Cull should now end.
     It is not the intention of Seal Alert-SA to discredit De Beers or attempt to involve them in something they clearly have no actual physical part in - however this said, it is difficult to understand how a leading international company that contributes over 20% to Namibia's GDP and which has stated is opposed to the culling of seals - cannot or will not, put a stop to this and end sealing finally in southern Africa.
     It is unacceptable to Seal Alert-SA that sealers can enter the restricted diamond area from 1st July to 15th November and kill every seal pup still alive on the seal colonies at Wolf and Atlas Bay, when already in 2005, they killed every seal pup, and could still not reach their set TAC quota - and De Beers adopts the stance, that it does not own the land, provides no assistance and has no right to deny access - but at the same time - lays claims to a "real commitment to the environment, conservation and does not support culling of seals".
    I therefore plead for your immediate assistance in ending this seal cull within the restricted diamond area.
I have attached below your previous response on this issue dated the 6th to avoid any further confusion.
For the Seals
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA
021-790 8774

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Canadian Voice for Animals
Seal Alert South Africa Seeks Ban on the Annual Namibian Slaughter of the
Cape Fur Seals
 Seal Alert-SA and Global Animal Conservation Groups Call On the South African Governments to Ban the Senseless Slaughter and to Strengthen Laws to Protect Diminishing Seal Herds
June 30, 2006 – Seal Alert-South Africa has called on the South African Namibian Government to prohibit the annual slaughter of the Cape Fur Seals whose populations have declined by over 50 percent over the past decade. Seal Alert-SA is also asking that the Government enforce existing Seal Protection laws and to introduce more effective legislation to protect the species.
Since 1973, the Cape Fur Seal has been a protected species under the South African Seabird and Seal Protection Act. However, the Cape Fur seal population in Namibia is threatened by the practice of clubbing baby seals and shooting bulls for their penises, following that country’s independence
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