TO : The United Nations Secretary-General

Created by : Friend-EPAR/OIPA member league/alliance for animal rights

This Petition will be handed to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General with the request that the UN pass a Resolution which will be Legally Binding for all countries-Member nations of the UN, that will include the following legislation to which every member is required to comply.

The legislation must address each of the following requirements:

1.The Right of all living beings to be allowed to live in accordance with the specific requirements of their own individual species.
2. The World is now entering its Third Millennium AD;- every anima
l is required to be given legal status as individual passive justice subjects.
3. That, by having only one life, all living beings have an equal right to live in accordance with the individual needs of their specific biological species.
4. Nobody can violate the psychological and somathical corpuscules integrity of any living species, regardless of their justification(s).
5. The life of every living being on Earth must be considered as beimg of the greatest value,- no life is to be specified as being more important than any other;- all lives are to be considered equally important!
6. That Nobody shall be entitled to take the life of any other living being, or torture it ,or cause any form of deliberate suffering and as a result remain unpunished by Global or National Legislation(s).
7. That these conclusions are binding for ALL member countries of the United Nations, as well as those countries which curretntly are not, and thus with any nation refusing to accept them it must result in the specific nation concerned being sanctioned by UN, with no right of veto on any resolution relating to the above requirements or introducing any sanctions for any reason.
All life is sacred.
Thank You.