Shelter in Andalucia - La Herradura

Apaf-Motril (Asociación Protectora de Animales y Flora)

November 29, 2011

Jan Polson
Has someone room in their heart and room in their house for little Albie? Please help - please share - thank you
Albie - blue eyes beauty in need of a HOME
Albie is a very friendly blue eyed young female that lives out on the dangerous streets. Very friendly with children!!! She is a veeeeery smart girl and after she has put in balance the advantages of receiving a bite of food and the dangers of being hit or tortured by some evil kids ..... she decided it is wort the trouble and every day when the children are coming out from the school she is there at the gate, begging for leftovers from the children :((((. Some of them hit and chase her but some of them are good to her... so she follows them safely home. She is truly an incredible dog that deserves better than this:)) She needs a warm loving home ... soon. The winter is coming and she has no shelter, and those people in that neighborhood threaten to call the dogcatchers or poison the dogs, if they don't disappear from there soon.. She loves children, has no problems with other dogs is vaccinated and will be spayed next week.
Nicoleta Rossi