President Rita da Silva      

This is a good organisation fot the sake of the animals.

They are very involved to the animals.
ANIMAL organises demonstrations.
They are active international - serious - animal involved.
They fight for the eights of the animals.

Because of the storm the shelter of the dogs has been destroyed; Wintertime is arriving, so cold.
Don't make a mistake the winter in Lisboa is very cold and not to forget wet.
ANIMAL has still bills not paid of the veterinarians, so not paid yet.
But ANIMAL goes on taking good care also medical.
At this moment there are 16 dogs, some need intensive medical care. Also 4 sterilisations are necessary.

ANIMAL is also in

Associação ANIMAL
Apartado 24140
1251-997 Lisboa

Telm. 00 351 96 132 08 18

BIC/SWIFT: MPIOPTPL     IBAN is PT50 0036 0093 9910 0034 4746 9
Endereço: Apartado 24140 - 1251-997 Lisboa