"Our daily bread"

And have you seen the film "Our daily bread"?


I hope you can stir up massive resistance against this cruelty

'Our Daily Bread"
 by the Austrian director NICOLAUS GEYRHALTER. - “Unser Täglich Brot” ,

Best Film - Ecocinema International Film Festival Athens 2006 
"The jury decided unanimously to give the best film award to a film which will remain in the mind of all of us -unfortunately every time we put food in our plate- It ‘s the film OUR DAILY BREAD, of 2005, by the Austrian director NICOLAUS GEYRHALTER. This film is exceptional in revealing the truth about an issue we all know but all want to forget: what is really in our plate. The way of revealing this truth was exceptional too, in the matching of the expressive means with the subject. The cold mechanical eye of the camera is filming the cruel industrial way of producing food today. The result was shocking like a punch to the stomach."
Special Jury Award - International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2005:
"One film which many of you will have expected to see on this short list of three nominees for the Joris Ivens Award, has instead been honoured by the Special Jury Award. We felt it deserved to be singled out. A powerful, cinematic experience, it offered us a series of shocking and indelible images. An unremittingly merciless and nightmarish scene. A vision of Hell. Not the Hell of our theologians but one constructed by our politics, our markets and our food technologies. Nikolaus Geyrhalter has given us Unser Taeglich Brot (Our Daily Bread). He has not told us what to think- but has given us much food for thought. This is a great and important film and we are delighted to honour it with the Special Jury Award."