Toxic heavy-metal Mercury in vaccines being declared safe

Received: Saturday, February 09, 2008

Subject: See the video clip on FDA policies,
Read the article on toxic heavy-metal Mercury in vaccines being declared saf
One man's opinion, backed up with verifiable facts, and resulting action :
''This exclusive clip from the documentary film All Jacked Up features Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) talking with Bobby Rice about how We the People can defend ourselves against the marketing lies, junk science and massive chemical onslaught dumped onto consumers by Big Pharma and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This video clip features a cartoon segment and an urgent call for action to protect ourselves and our children from the deadly chemicals fed to us by food corporations and drug companies."
See as well Mike Adams's article on mercury in vaccines...  which illustrates what the video is all about.
" Mercury declared safe! Yes, indeed, the medical sleuths of the world are hard at work yet again, attempting to find clever ways to give a toxic heavy metal a clean bill of health. The candidate this time? Mercury in vaccines, of course. Recent news headlines declared that "mercury in vaccines is safe because it only stays in the body for 3.7 days." (No joke. I'm not making this up.) Hmmm... Wasn't it just two weeks ago that they declared there was NO mercury in vaccines? Now there's mercury, apparently, but it's "safe" because it's urinated out of an infant's body in just 3.7 days. That comes to about 88 hours, by the way, which leads me to the new declaration of safety now being pushed by conventional medicine: Any poisons that stay in the body for 88 hours or less shall no longer be considered poisons. (That is, if the body is still alive after 88 hours.) Instead, they shall simply be called "transitional pre-toxins" and shall only be declared toxic once they actually leave the body, at which point they magically transmute into EPA-regulated substances like, for example, mercury..."