The European Parliament has agreed, with a vast majority of votes, to a ban starting December 31, 2008.

Dog and cat fur banned for good in the EU

It all started with an article in the newspaper

in March 1999

Unbelievable but true

An article in HET LAATSTE NIEUWS March 1999 became the start of a new organisation
Dog and cat fur banned for good in the EU
Date: June 20, 2007
The trade in dog and cat fur will be banned throughout the EU.
The European Parliament has agreed, with a vast majority of votes, to a ban starting December 31, 2008.
The fur now comes into the EU unnoticed, mainly from China, as a collar of a coat or a decoration on a toy.
The EU-countries are allowed to decide for themselves what the sanction should be.
Belgium didn't wait for the European law to arrive to establish her own rules, but now there will be a good
chance that the law can be applied better because it will be carried out by all the members states.
The European Commission decided to adress this problem in november, because of the many complaints of citizens.
Brussel received about 10.000 letters and 200.000 signatures against dog and cat fur in the last few years.
Dog fur proves to appear in Belgium too, always as a product without a label or under a different name.
Studies from AMC for Bont voor Dieren showed a few years ago that from 93 examined articles, at least 5 were made from dog fur.
Dierenleed Azië is delighted with the decision. According to the action group, about two million dogs and cats in Azia are killed
for their fur, sometimes they are skinned alive.
Bart Staes, Member of the European Parliament, and we are relieved that their hasn't been made an exception for fur that's been considered
a leftover of the meat industry. We contradicted this because it is a sophism: Dogs and cats are specially bred for their skin and not the other way around!
The animals aren't killed until wintertime, when the furs are the most beautiful and thick.
During the other seasons the furs are of much less quality, because they are to thin to process.
When the animals go through moulting, the furs are even worthless.
Also, we are satisfied that personal use of fur isn't allowed by the European Commission.
They just wanted to ban fur used for trade. In that case, one could still have imported fur for personal use.
We are proud that we haven't waited on the European Commission to establish a ban on dog and cat fur.
We were pioneers in Europe, only the US with president Clinton came before us.
Italy, New-Zealand, Switzerland and Denmark followed our lead.
We thought we could never establish this but our continuous fight of 8 years of protesting and writing letters have paid off.
Now, we only have to make sure that the products will be labelled properly so the consumer knows what he or she is buying, and we can check it more simply.
In name of our organisation we would like to thank everyone who helped with this mission.
I thank especially Mrs. Nelly Maes and Struan Stevenson.
Dierenleed Azië 
Dogs for fur industry
What is dog fur used for?
How many animals are needed for a coat?

Struan Stevenson  Haether MIlls
Thank You