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Spain's sickening 'blood fiestas' make bullfights seem tame - but the most shocking thing about them is YOU'RE paying for them 

By Danny Penman In Tordesillas Last updated at 12:45 PM on 20th September 2010

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By Action Against Poisoning :


Here - in this bullring - bullfights will be held. Here the audience will applaud the people who slowly and deliberately inflict anger, pain and subsequent death on an animal.
Why can that happen in this European country?
If I would step into a Dutch meadow and perform the traditional bullfight on a bull, I would be lynched - or if the police is fast - arrested for sadistic acts inflicted on an animal. You are a sadist if you enjoy inflicting pain. Sadism is a certified mental disorder. So bullfights are a very sick tradition.
And still the European Union allows such traditions.

I want you to know that this is one of the reasons why many Dutchmen voted against the European Constitution.

If EU Constitution Art III-121 would concern human rights there would be no leeway for culturally based violence against people. It is the spirit of this article to protect animals. However, the letter of this article condones every animal abuse in the name of "cultural heritage". The bulls cannot vote against this crippled law, so they depend on us to fight the injustice of it. It would grace the EU if it would for once look through a bull’s eyes.

Marius Donker
Action Against Poisoning

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It's time to put better animal welfare on the agenda in Brussels

LOOKING forward to the European elections in June 2009, Advocates for Animals has published a Manifesto for Animal Welfare.
Candidates are being asked to support key recommendations including:

- Introduce compulsory welfare labeling for all animal-derived foodstuffs and other products sold to consumers within the EU.

- Ban commercial live animal transport in excess of eight hours.

- Review the Pigs Directive to provide robust protection for pigs including a ban on sow stalls, farrowing crates and mutilations.

- End the use of primates in experiments.

- Commit to bi-annual, thematic reviews of the EU Directive governing animal experiments, to archive the targeted, timetabled replacement of all animal experiments.

- Ban the import of wild-caught, exotic species intended to be used as pets.

- Ban the use of animals in circuses.

- Ban trade in all seal products.

The most recent survey published by the European Commission on "Attitudes of EU Citizens Towards Animal Welfare" showed that, on average, EU citizens gave the issue eight out of ten for importance.
Advocates for Animals believes that the European Parliament and the Commission are well aware of the growing importance of animal welfare to European voters - and will be taking the opportunity of the elections to press this message home.