One cat dead, one seriously injured. Poisoning and possibly worse - Spokane County , WA

On Dec 25, 2008, Amy Russell :

"One cat dead, one seriously injured. Poisoning and possibly worse"

Message: I am currently taking steps to get an animal abuse case taken seriously and for proper prosecution of the accused murderer who intentionally poisoned 2 cats that were his temp. roomates, one of them died.

The defendants age 20 of Spokane County , WA is accused of intentionally killing a temp roommates cat by poisoning and possibly worse as far a the evidence points, the new roommates second cat is alive but was taken to the vet where she was given X-rays and had blood-work done she has a broken rib, her lung is lacerated with caused a fluid buildup that has moved her heart into a different position.
Her liver numbers were in the thousands which are supposed to be in the mid hundreds.
The vet documented all of this.
The defendant himself has a cat with injuries that he claimed where from "the cat jumping off the fridge and hitting the wall"
The victims owner was the one who suggested he take his cat to the vet for help, which he apparently did.
The victims owner was stuck between a rock and a hard place with living conditions and was asked by the defendant if she would like to stay there until the end of the month.

Her thinking he being a caring companion animal owner since he had said he took his cat to the vet, also being her co-worker and the fact that she was going to being moving into the same complex she felt alright putting herself and her companions in this situation.
There was no relationship between the two other than co-workers and acquaintance.
Within 5 days her male cat was dead her female cat has serious internal injuries and we are really concerned for the well being of the cat living there now.
My name is Amy Russell, I live in Seattle, WA former foster parent to the deceased pet and his injured sister Isabelle working through a non-kill animal rescue.
I am also very close with their human who I consider my sister. Concerned for the obvious, plus the link found with animal cruelty and future violence that may occur if nothing is done.
I really think this case needs to be seriously looked at for a potential worse crime that may have been committed against the deceased animal Tech Floyd Greyerson, a two year old DLH Grey sweet lovable boy who should be here with us right now.
We want to know what happened to Tech and what to do next. I really appreciate your time reading this and for the resources you provide. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
I have already written the prosecuting attorney and taken all the steps that they have told us to take. The accused father works for the police dept. so that obviously causes concern.
But it will not deter me from doing what needs to be done. Thank you so much