Shenzhen China - dog Bichon poisoned

28 September 2010:

Subject: Shenzhen China Our dog in our estate has been poisoned, together with  7 other dogs 27th September 2010

Message: Dear Sir,

I am staying in Shenzhen Futian District, just two days ago on the 27th 2.30am my dog a Bichon started vomiting 3times, following that he started to screech and run crazily shitting and vomiting which developed into a fit 10seconds after. he was constantly going into fit and out for up to 10times and it was a pain to see. On our way to the hospital we realise that 3 other family have the same account and all rushing to rescue their dogs (3 Schnauzer, 1 Corgi, 1 Maltese)

Upon seeing this, it came to my awareness that while we were in our lift, there were alot of small bit like pieces of meat on all four corners. I then suspect that it was a deliberate action by someone. We thus lodge a police report.

Very next day morning, we got access to the survellance camera and indeed, one owner name Mr Xu deliberately threw pieces out from a container twice in two lifts, one at 2045hrs in one lift and another at 2115hrs with his wife assisting him to spread the pieces into the corners using her legs and holding their kid in her hand.

On futher inspection, indeed the dogs that had died has either bitten on those pieces or licked on it. We also notice that another two dogs has eaten the deposit and also died. Currently 8 dogs have died from this incident. Luckily we managed to remove the pieces following our account, else I wonder what will be the consequences as alot of kids and baby touch the lift flooring and pick up things to eat.

I have the video on hand. should you require it, do contact me.

I hope you can help me spread this news around to inform others to beware.

To me, this is a little terrorist attack by someone.

I attached some links of relevant newslink in Chinese. Perhaps you can get picture of this incident for your reference too.

here are the links to the video of the China news with the culprit caught in action. It is in mandarin, but action speaks louder than words,



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