Killing spree with poison - please read and warn your friends.

Tsirion / Tricherousa area of Limassol in Cyprus.

Marianthy Avraamides Fiore Amaro 29 October 2010

There is a recent killing spree going on in the Tsirion / Tricherousa area of Limassol in Cyprus. All of it is from poisoning, including someone going around at night and throwing poison in peoples gardens to kill pets. Last month, someone found their dog (who was locked behind gates in the driveway) poisoned. All the empty plots in the area must have poison as I had found 5 cats dead 2 weeks ago, and also someones dog who had escaped from their yard was found dead in a plot from poisoning around the same time. I managed to save a cat today who I had rushed off to the vet this morning and hopefully she will live. The vet I took the cat to, said he has been treating many victims recently from this area. If you know anyone who lives in this area, please let them know about the situation.