Saving the tiger in St Petersburg
In St Petersburg, 13 tiger nations are engaged in an unprecedented forum with the aim of finding ways to double tiger numbers by 2022.
Saving tigers means saving forests and biodiversity.

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Saving tigers, good economics?

Published On: November 22, 2010

Vladimir Putin loves tigers & Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg (Photos)

Awww, pretty kitties! What can be cuter / weirder than Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin leading the fight for tigers? Here are pictures of Mr. Putin's pro-tiger crusade and also the recent, (surprisingly) high-profile 'tiger summit' in St. Petersburg, Russia.

World leaders sought to come up with the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to save the tiger from extinction and double the big cat's numbers by the next Year of the Tiger in 2012.

Click on the thumbnails below to view images from the tiger summit and of Prime Minister Putin's personal fight for tigers.

Russian prime minister and self-proclaimed animal lover Vladimir Putin opened his native city to the world's first gathering of leaders from 13 nations where the tiger's free rein has been squeezed ever-tighter by poachers.

"This is an unprecedented gathering of world leaders (that aims) to double the number of tigers," Jim Adams, vice president for the East Asia and Pacific Region at the World Bank, said at the opening ceremony of the four-day event.

"The global tiger initiative is an example of balanced economic development with nature preservation."

Decades of tiger part trafficking and habitat destruction have slashed the number of roaming tigers from 100,000 a century ago to just 3,200 today.

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