3 Steps to World Animal Day

One thing is certain, once you decide that you want to hold an event for WAD, the months will pass like days! So it’s important to create your plans early.

Before you do anything, please take some time to wander around this website. Check out some of the activities that groups have undertaken around the world in previous years. Note down any particular ideas that you like and may wish to use for your WAD event.
Step 1

Get an idea - Not sure how to get involved? Don't worry, we've got plenty of ideas!

Step 2

Get organized - Suggested guidelines to help you plan for a successful World Animal Day.

Step 3

Get publicity - Advertise your event with us for free. Just send us an outline of the event, including time, location and contact details and we'll do the rest!

Please take some photographs of your event and send them to as soon as possible after your event accompanied by a short report. We will include your event in the World Animal Day round-up of events to show the world what you have achieved and inspire others.

Here we are again - the build up to World Animal Day 2009 has begun!
Although 4th October is several months away, now is the time to put some thought into how you will celebrate World Animal Day this year. If you work for an organisation that's directly involved with helping animals then you have a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to your work and do some fundraising. For others, why not organise an event to raise funds for an animal charity in your area.
The website is full of fundraising / educational ideas - some of which will take very little time to organise and others are a little more adventurous! Once you've read through our ideas, we are sure you will be able to think of plenty more. Also, do take a look at the 'Roundup' pages of some of the World Animal Day events that took place in 2008 - we are sure you'll be inspired! Simply click on the links from the website home page (below the slide show) to event reports covering Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, South America, UK and USA. As we have so many fabulous images from 2008 that we'd like to share with you, we've added a link at the bottom of each of the 'Roundup' pages to galleries of selected additional images.
The World Animal Day initiative is a wonderful way to heighten public awareness of animal issues and connect millions of animal lovers throughout the globe.  Increased awareness of animal related issues cannot fail to eventually lead the way to improved standards of animal welfare around the world.  What an achievement that will be!
It's something that animal lovers everywhere can join in with whether they belong to an organisation, are a member of a group, or as an individual. full of ideas to inspire you into getting involved and includes everything needed to help you organise a successful World Animal Day event.
The website has an online 'Diary' to provide free publicity for all events which will be 'live' before the end of April. So, as soon as you have an outline plan, please email a paragraph or two about your event for inclusion in the diary. When we've added your event we'll let you know so you can check your entry and, as plans progress, you can update the information by sending us an email. Your support of the World Animal Day initiative will also be promoted in the website list of 'Participants'. Plus, after World Animal Day, we will publish your report and images on the website - in a similar format to 2008.
We look forward to hearing from you very soon and sincerely hope you decide to get involved this year.
Please help spread the word about World Animal Day by including information in a newsletter and / or by creating a website link. Full instructions for a number of different styles of weblink are available in the 'Resources' section of the website where you will also find the World Animal Day logo in various formats.
Kind regards
Dear Friends of the Animals

Caroline Barker Project Manager, World Animal Day Tel: +44 (0)1242 252871