Dear people, please spread the word!

As from this year, April the 4th has been designated World Stray Animal Day.
A day of compassion, care and action to address the situation of all stray animals of the world. Already this Dutch initiative has been followed on by various countries such as Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Roman...ia, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Millions of animals all over the world suffer a terrible life, often just left to their fate by humans. Hunger and thirst, illness, abuse and poisoning are a daily reality to these animals.
Through World Stray Animal Day we want to address the attention of as much people as possible to these horrific facts. To inform people about the existence of this problem and the suffering these animals go through. And the suffering is immense!

ActieZwerfhonden focuses on contributing to a solution for the stray dogs of Turkey. The foundation finances and organizes local education campaigns at schools and sterilization campaigns for stray dogs.

A lot of research has been done on how to reduce or even end the overpopulation of stray dogs. This has shown that the only structural and humane solution is to catch the dogs, sterilize them and release them into their own areas. By ruling out the possibility of reproduction, the population will decrease in a natural way. A puppy not born, will also not have to suffer!

If you wish to receive more information on the problems surrounding stray dogs and the solution to the overpopulation we kindly invite you to take a look at our website www.actiezwerfhonden.nl.

You could really help us and all stray animals of the world in making April the 4th known as World Stray Animal Day by sending this message on to friends, family and acquaintances using e-mail, Hyves, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

We thank you in advance for all your kind help!

Foundation ActieZwerfhonden,

on behalf of all our volunteers in the Netherlands and Turkey,

Yolanda Oosterom