Again I am very upset by this extreme cruelty on discarded galgo dogs. I have seen more than I can stomach of murdered galgos hanging from trees or dumped in wells. I have not seen them yet starving slowly with sticks between their yaws.

But what can I expect from an Iberian culture of structural animal abuse? Mommy and daddy love bullfights, the local bishop sitting on the first row blessing the killers. These adults have no clue on the meaning of sentient beings. They are totally ignorant of breeding a disposition towards having a good time with torture and killing into their kids. This cocktail of murderous joy fits the definition of “sadism”. Why are people hating their galgos, or hating bulls and dolphins for that matter?

Who will stop this inbred sadism if half of the hunters are policemen? It looks fine if an EU member state “implements” animal protection laws – hurray, now they are safe – but it means nothing if such laws are not enforced. As long as animal torture is not a crime but a felony - payed off with a small fine – nobody cares and enforcement of these laws has rock bottom priority.

I consider the torture of men's best friend – and it is unimaginable that people do this to their own dogs! – as the ultimate crime to humanity. Especially as this terror appears to be totally aimless and senseless. I cannot fathom what satisfaction the perpetrators derive from their actions.

If this is accepted, if this goes unnoticed, if this goes unpunished, what is so special and frightening about terrorism?

Please wake up Eurogroup for Animals, you have a few very urgent priorities to attend to.
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