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Ban antifreeze preparations unless they contain a bitterant
Antifreeze kills 10,000's of our pets every year. It tastes sweet - many cats & dogs will lick it off the ground, then die from kidney failure within 48hrs unless treated by a vet immediately. petition

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It happened in 2012
Endangered, Indonesian elephants are being poisoned for cheap palm oil! Sumatran elephants are losing vital habitat with over nine million acres of the Indonesian forest eradicated by the palm oil industry.

In their daily quest for food, the elephants find themselves dangerously close to palm oil plantations, where they are deliberately being poisoned.
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The latest victim was a 18 year old female elephant, found dying by the roadside, poisoned! It gets even sadder, as her baby was seen trying to wake up his mother. The baby, taken to a sanctuary, was sickened by drinking his mother's poisoned milk and heartbroken over the loss of his mother, also died.

With less than 3,000 elephants left in the region with no protection, it is easily predicted by Jakarta officials, that these magestic animals will be lost to the money machine that is palm oil.

Palm oil can be found in many common products including commercial baked goods - GIRL SCOUT COOKIES - lotions, and shampoos, to name a few.

The consumption of palm oil is also very bad for human health.

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"Cadiar's use of poison in the village - it is bad enough that it is used all along the river to kill the foxes that eat the eggs of the birds that they will later shoot. My fear is a child will somehow pick up the poison from one of the animals."

Date: August, 14 2010
Subject: poisoned dogs and cats in the Alpujarras
"I live in a small village in the Alpujarras Spain.
We are at a loss with what we can do about the locals poisoning the stray dogs and cats.
We understand that the city is planning to pick up the strays next week.
Yet 2 weeks ago 2 wonderful pointer dogs were poisoned. One died and the other we managed to save.
Only today out of the 5 cats that we feed each day only 2 remain, the rest having been poisoned and the latest case today.
When the dog that we managed to keep alive was poisoned I went to the local Guardia who had no interest. These dogs and cats are being poisoned in a very small village, a child could easily get hold of whatever they are being fed.

What can we do please.


"I however am disgusted by this. I feel it is a cowards way out to poison and animal and walk away knowing it will then suffer for hours."

- name known

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Hurray - Five research monkeys rescued !!!

Pictures with allowance out of
"Anti Dierproeven Coalitie" -
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Ban tests on animals for cosmetics

This is the story briefly
There are around 4000 strays wondering around the island of Salamina starving suffering from mange and other diseases being shot at hit and poisoned daily.

This is the most awful situation and it’s happening in Salamina here in GREECE right now this minute.
Many many dogs and puppies desperately need help.

This letter was received just a few minutes ago from a woman who has just coped with the willful poisoning of 40 cared for dogs when poison was thrown over fencing into their owners back yard. Against tremendous odds she managed to save the lives of 22 of these animals 6 of whom remain in veterinary care.
The problems facing her are enormous. This then is her sad appeal. Can you help? Finance - food - medication - help with transport - can anyone arrange serialisation? Does anyone have any means at their disposal for emergency help?
Really anything from anywhere that can help this lone organisation volunteer worker to get help for the thousands of dogs that are is such a desperate situation.

CAN YOU OFFER ANY HELP, anything at all.
If you can, PLEASE RESPOND as soon as you can the help is urgently needed

For the tens of hundreds which are left on the island we can only try to do the basic. Sterilize vaccinate treat mange(which most of the dogs have) and try and feed them with tin feeding stations(which get stolen by the gypsies) even though we secure them with chains. Medication such as tick treatment vybramisin for erlichiosisare also very much needed.

Poisoning on the island is used by the people there on a regular basis pups get thrown over cliffs drowned left here and there get shot hit with sticksThe last poisoning was massive thanks to you there was much publicity but as yet there has been no one who has come forward in helping us to reduce the no. Of dogs no mainland organization organizations which have a strong backing and support we are after all like all the other Greeks we only care about our own back yardThere are 16 little ones left if the person who has poisoned the rest is bothered by them he will go for the rest. Anyway we are only allowed to have 2 . If the old people are left with 5they can be taken in at night.
I already have a long list of dogs in private pansion I alone cannot do anything to help them I get very bitter and sad with the lack of goodwill among us.

There is a great need for all the above we have no support from the municipality for the sterilization to be done locally we have to transport the dogs to the mainland to the point where the Pireus municipalities have the surgery the society is very poor and has very few members
We would be very happy with any kind

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MAY 2009

When the lorry is filled with 400 pigs on average, it sets off for the burial ground in Abou Zabal. Once there, something like soft sand is sprinkled on the pigs inside the lorry. This material is made up of factory wastes. The pigs start to scream because of the searing pain until they die some 30 or 40 minutes later.

The average people wasn´t informed about
this massacre on pigs - media didn´t
speak about these cruelties, but now
the case became known more and more:

the horrible mass slaughter of pigs in EGYPT -
Please sign petition to Egyptian President Mbarak !!!!!!

Petition :

----- Original Message -----
Ahmed Sherif
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Subject: LINK TO VIDEO: Al-Masry Al-Youm : The Culling of Pigs in Egypt. (GRAPHIC)


TV Report done by Al-Masry Al-Youm on the culling of pigs in Egypt. Contains very graphic video of pigs being slaughtered and badly handled.
Do NOT watch if you are too sensitive to animal suffering, or you can turn your face around during these scenes.

It is so inhuman the way they treat the pigs. There has to be a government response to rectify this behaviour and make it unacceptable and punishable by law.
It gives a bad image to Egypt, contradicts the teachings of Islam, is inhuman and barbaric by all the civilized norms and international laws. Australia stopped for a while exporting live sheep to Egypt because of the way the animals were treated and handled before the slaughter. Export by Australia was restarted again recently. This can also affect tourism in Egypt. The treatment of stray animals such as dogs and cats is also on the list of complaints by foreigners who visit or live in Egypt. All this is causing nothing but damage to Egypt's reputation abroad. It's an offense punishable by law.


video :

Letter to Barry O'Neill 18 05 09

Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 5:43 PM
Subject: Fw: LINK TO VIDEO: Al-Masry Al-Youm : The Culling of Pigs in Egypt. (GRAPHIC)

Amina Tharwat Abaza
S.P.A.R.E Founder and President.
Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day.