action against poisoning

Name of the Organization: Action Against Poisoning.
Country: Netherlands
Web site:

The purposes of the Organization:
1. A.A.P. is completely non-party, non-denominational, and non-profit.
2. The organization's purpose consists in the fight against animal poisoning, the promotion of animal rights and in the fight against any kind of animal abuse. A.A.P. strives for abolishment of "medical" animal experiments and for a stable ecological condition for animals. A.A.P. contributes to a better, (mental) healthier, and more humane world.
3. The ways to accomplish these targets are:
A. To inform the public on the treatment of animal poisoning, the importance of vaccination and sterilization of (stray) companion animals.
B. To emphasize the mental health threat to society from violence towards animals, either from socio-economic origin, or under whatever pretext of cultural or religious traditions.
C. To support reliable and dependable organizations with similar purposes which are beneficial to the world community.
D. To promote the (financial) support of projects that meet the organization's criteria.
E. To criticize destructive animal welfare policies.
F. To do all things as may be necessary to attain success in the aforementioned.
G. To operate exclusively for charitable purposes.
4. The activities and purposes of the organization shall be executed without purpose of gain for any director, officer or supporter of A.A.P.
5. No director or officer shall be remunerated for being (or acting as) director or officer.

"Action Against Poisoning" OIPA Member League
(OIPA is an NGO Non Governmental Organization associated to the
UN Department of Public Information)