Because the dog doesn't accept the bandage it eats it (partly) away
Because the wound produces a lot of moisture I have to clean it every day
Because the bandage moves the gauze dressing on the wound draws away from the wound
Put clean cottonwool between the bandage and the gauze dressing to absorb moisture and for less pressure on the wound

Take a very clean bucket and fill it with 5 liters clean luke warm water with at most one table spoon Biotex.
Take the bandage and gauze dressing off; if the gauze dressing sticks to the wound then first soak it with the Biotex water
Clean the wound and vicinity of the wound with it; pour the Biotex water over and around the wound, with a clean cup
Dry the wound with sterile gauze dressing.
Put Lotagen Gel or other good ointment on a sterile gauze dressing of sufficient size
Put the gauze dressing on the wound
Put white cotton wool on the gauze dressing and the other places where you put the bandage
Put the bandage on, starting at the lowest part and not too tight (blood circulation!)
Avoid to put pressure on the wound with your hands, especially on the elbows/joints for the nerves which can be there!!!
For the animals: when the wound is almost closed (not so deep), you can use Terramicina* Nebulizador