WARNING Collars of woven nylon webmaterial are dangerous

Subject: Please let every dog owner you know....Extremely dangerouscollar!!!


We hope this email may save a life. Unfortunately it is a horrible lesson we just learned. You may remember the beautiful girl we rescued out of O.C. shelter. 'Aya'. Aya was out in the back playing rough with our
other dog unsupervised ..during this play her 'Nylon web collar ' came off. No biggie right DEADLY WRONG!!! As with many young dogs Aya loves to chew 'everything' and she ate her collar leaving only the plastic clip,
adjuster, metal ring and license all this happened in less than a half hour Friday night. Sat am she had only passed a few small pieces vet said to watch her and all should pass in 24 hrs. Sunday am she was not doing
well.took her to emergency by noon Sunday she was in surgery!!!!
Severe blockage in several areas of the small intestines and much of the collar had unraveled and was trailing throughout her intestines and stomach . The vet had to remove several sections of intestine where the nylon fibers had ineffect knotted her intestine. We lost her at 5am this morning. we are

The way these collars and leashes are woven even 1inch can unravel to
threads several yards long and the Nylon does not break it just keeps
unraveling so please forward this on.

We are heartbroken. Jeff & Chika Kritz

In answer to your questions...no We don't have a pic of the collar for you
or a brand name. This makes no difference,these items are sold by the 100's
at 'EVERY' pet store in the US. We purchased ours at a local feed/pet store
in town. Go to a Petsmart or Petco and you will see dozens of sizes,patterns
and colors on the shelf. A more detailed description: Woven Nylon Web
material made in many colors and patterns. We have all seen them and most of
us with dogs have such items. In my opinion it does not matter if the clasp
or buckle is metal or plastic...that is not what caused our babys
death.....it was the Nylon webbing coming unraveled in her digestive tract.
This warning is for "ALL" nylon collars, muzzles,harnesses,leads,leashes and
like products that when chewed could unravel.
Thanks, Jeff Kritz