on October 28, 2004 we received the following email message from CAROLYN:

Tony rescued by Carolyn

Poisoning on the Foz do Arelho beach and how she managed to save the life of her 2 dogs.

I thought you might be interested to know that I had two of my own dogs poisoned on the Foz do Arelho beach on Sunday morning whilst we were all walking. The smallest dog(6kgs.) must have eaten quite a lot of the poison because he was very badly affected. According to the Vet it must have been Insecticide that someone put into some food and left on the Beach, on purpose because there are many abandoned dogs on that beach.
I managed to save the dog¥s life with Homeopathic remedies whilst we got him to a Vet. He received the Anti-dote and was given a charcoal mixture, taken orally. He was on a drip for 30 minutes, and now I am treating him with Natural Remedies for flushing out his kidneys and liver, and for regenerating the liver. I had both dogs on leads and I always watch carefully when they walk there that they dont pick up anything, so the scrap of food must have been very small, and the poison very strong!!!
my dog received the Anti-dote injection of Apropina (for that particular type of reaction he was having). There is a poison that is used where the dog has intermittent jerking spasms. For this type, they do not give the injection, they flush and stomach pump and then put the animal onto a drip. He then received a black liquid(Carvao Vegetal) that looks like and is Charcoal. This brings all the poison in the body, to one place(the Bowel), and then the dog passes it out. He was then put on a dripoff 5% glucose with water, for 30 minutes. When I brought him back from the beach in the early morning, and I realised he had eaten poison, I gave him the Homeopathy. One dose of Phosphorous immediately, then Nux Vomica 30 or 200 (whichever you have), and Carbo Veg 200 or 30, 3 doses of each, 1 hour apart (if you can afford the time. I could n¥t raise a Vet at 9.30am on a Sunday morning, so I gave the Nux and Carb Veg. 5 minutes apart for 3 doses of each. This is what stabilised the dog and helped him to breathe a little bit. His tongue was blue and he was shaking all over with muscular spasms.
He lost control of his bowel and foam was blocking his throat. He is on the mend now and I am giving him Boldo Cynara 3 times a day for 2 weeks, which drains the kidneys and Liver, and also Cardo Mariano(Milk Thistle) which will regenerate the liver and kidneys. This I am also giving him for 2 weeks.