From Krista Mifflin,Your Guide to Dogs - From Animal-Net forwarded by joe miele

Are you one of the many dog lovers that can't be in the same room as a dog without degenerating into a sneezing fit? Don't despair! You are not alone!

Start now
a.. Visit your Allergist. Many are sympathetic to the pet lover's plight, and anti-histamine therapy is available for minour allergies. Immunotherapy allergy shots are also there for the heavy-hitting allergens. Ask your Allergist about starting a therapeutic program to get a handle on your allergies.
a.. Air Filters are essential to any allergic household, regardless of pets
present or not.
a.. Carpetting should be removed regardless of the impending presence of pets or not. Carpet is one the biggest allergen collecting items, and with a pet, that effect is intensified.

Daily Allergy Controllers
a.. Brushing your dog daily, especially during shedding season, in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors) can minimize the dust from floating furballs inside the house.
a.. Vacuuming regularly, to catch and remove the afore-mentioned "floating furballs".

Weekly Maintenaince
a.. Hot water washing of all sheets and bedding that the pet lays on, even yours, if your bed is his favourite resting place. Note AAP ironing works prefect
a.. Plain water rinsing of the dog will be the biggest allergen reducer. Even a dog with little dander will pick up allergens on his coat. Dust, pollen, and dirt all contribute to the "allergic" effect of a dog. Use plain water only, as shampoos and conditions can add to the allergen factor.
a.. Wash the walls and floors of your house in mild dish soap to remove accumulated dander from the walls.

It's a lot of work, but nobody can deny the effect of a loving pet on the well-being of his owner. I have found the rewards of having dogs far outweigh any inconvenience of a cleaning regime, and would not want them anywhere but by my side, in my house, and under my feet.