Jan 15, 2013

"Modern India versus the blind beliefs on Ritual Animal Offering:
Thousands of animals sacrificed on 15.1.2013 at the yearly Sulia Budha Festival
( the Sulia God, Budha means - Old man ) ".


" Ritual animal killing in Sulia Yatra, Dist- Bolangir, Odisha, India;

Once again the Local Administration and a Supreme Court Order failed to stop the yearly Mass Animal Offering by the local tribes. We censured such activities with harsh words and appealed to the Government and local people to stop this in the name of humanity.
Shame……shame……shame! Such blind beliefs and traditions don't fit in our modern society.

Last Tuesday thousands of mute animals lost their lives nearby on the altars of Badakhala and Sanakhala in Khairaguda village of Deogaon. Despite awareness campaigns launched by the district administration to prevent sacrifice of animals during the Sulia Yatra rituals, on Tuesday devout tribals went ahead with their gory animal killing rituals.

In flagrant violation of the district administration’s order prohibiting sacrifice of animals under section 144 in the three sites of Sulia Yatra ahead of the festival at Badakhala, the superstitious locals butchered goats, sheep and other animals at the altar of the local deity under the eyes of a Police posse and spectators demanding the enforcement of the ban on killing animals. The administration which launched awareness campaigns in the past several weeks before the festival could not prevent the violence on animals despite its police force.

Although the administration had prevented sacrifice in the past few years, all roads leading to Badakhala were stained with blood of animals. Badakhala is the original site of the presiding deity Sulia Budha. Allegedly, the tribals carrying animals, traditional arms and weapons, came in a procession before performing the sacrificial rituals.
Thousands of animals were also sacrificed at the altar of Sankhala. People defying the High Court order broke the police cordon to sacrifice animals at Sanakahala in Kumuria upholding their age-old tradition. Several thousand of buffaloes, sheep, goats, cocks and pigeons were butchered at the altar.

Despite these atrocities we are very happy to see that many sensible tribals abstained from sacrificing animals at Nuakhala, opposite the Minor Irrigation Project (MIP) at Khairaguda.

Despite this massive bloodbath Superintendent of Police R. Prakash commented that the Sulia Yatra concluded peacefully without any untoward incident. When asked about the animal sacrifices, he said that an animal or two were sacrificed as part of the ritual.
This comment reflects the sorry state of law enforcement when it is most needed for the well-being of our country.

Mr. Gairik Chakroborty,
Honorary CEO,
Green Friends (Start Conservation From Today for Everyday).